We all wish to attain a perfect and healthy body that is fit and in shape. Some of us even work hard to achieve it. However, these endeavors can go futile if the following things are part of your night time schedule.

  1. Not Keeping a Check on the Nighttime Snacks: Some people have a habit that even after having their dinner, they tend to have snacks until they sleep, especially if they have to watch a movie or a TV series or even while studying. Possessing such a habit can be a challenge in losing weight. If snacking is something that you can’t do away with, then try to reduce the amount of your dinner or include some more exercises in your daily schedule.
  2. Snacking Without Thinking While Watching TV: Most of us snack mindlessly while watching TV during evenings and at night. This again can be a hurdle in losing weight because while snacking we forget to check on the calories consumed. In a research, it has been found that distracted eating not just affects how much you are eating but also does not help you remember eating. This means that while watching TV you would finish a whole packet of wafers and won’t even feel you have consumed that much, thus leading to more eating. To curb this, one can manage the amount of snack that they will be eating. Instead of eating from the packet itself, one should serve himself in an amount that he finds is okay. This ways you can stop when you hit the bottom of the bowl.
  3. Consuming Alcohol at Night: Drinking alcohol at night does not only result in consuming empty calories but also creates problems with your sleep cycle. A research on sleep and alcohol suggests that sleep and alcohol are not much of friends. It has been seen that if you consume alcohol right before sleep then your sleep might be interrupted and you might end up waking early in the morning around three or four. Further, insufficient sleep interferes with hunger hormones and this, in turn, leads to the craving of food, especially unhealthy food.
  4. Using Your Phone and Laptops Immediately before Sleeping: Sounds quite harmless, does not it? However, this can cause serious sleep and health issues. The blue light emitting out of your cell phones and laptops can interfere with your sleep pattern and can give you sleepless nights later. Health specialists say that you should log off from your laptops and phones at least one hour before sleeping. Disturbed sleep cycles can lead to unhealthy eating. Also, if you possess a habit of dozing off in front of your TV while it’s on, then this can again create issues with sleeping. Research suggests that a person is not able to enter the Deep Sleep zone if he sleeps with his TV on. The sounds and light from the TV do not let the person sleep properly and he or she can keep waking up in between. If you don’t believe this, try noticing it tonight itself.
  5. Waking up Late: If you are in a habit of waking up at the last moment and then rushing to the office, then this can be panicking not only to the mind but also to the body as well. Most of the people when they wake up late, try to compensate the time with breakfast time. This skipping of breakfast is the first biggest wrong action you can do for your body. It has also been noticed that having a wholesome and fibrous breakfast can make you feel less hungry during the day, thus eliminating any chances of junk eating.

The above-listed reasons do not link to gaining weight directly and therefore are neglected in most cases. However, if they are controlled, they can help a lot in staying fit, active and of course in losing weight.