Tips on how to make parenting effective

Welcome to the workshop that lets the parents learn the tactics to deal with their kids. It’s the place that help the parents learn the parenting skills that is used to discipline the kids and encourage them to implement the positive attitude in their lives that helps them in achieving success in their life goals. The aim of parenting turns around making the children learn self-discipline.

By now, many parents feel that spanking is the only solution that lets their children attain self-discipline. However, after learning the effective ways of parenting, this myth had gone far away and they are left with the positive and healthy relationship with their children away from yelling or spanking.

Before starting off with the effective ways of parenting, you must understand the guidelines to build a strong parent and child relationship.

Guidelines to build strong parent child relationship:

  • Always try to make out some time daily to have fun with your child.
  • Never show off any disagreement over the discipline learning while the children are listening.
  • Avoid making any order or command which you cannot enforce immediately.
  • Follow a similar behavior while rewarding or punishing your child.
  • Decide which kind of behavior is fine and which is not.
  • Clear your child about the result of his undesirable behavior.
  • Keep analyzing the changes in the behavior. If the result is showing positive signs, don’t forget to praise it.
  • Always remember that your child learn from you. So, behave properly in order to teach him the right things.
  • If you are guiding your child on discipline, make sure your partner must not disturb in the argument.
  • When you find desirable behavior of your child, don’t forget to reward him in any form.

To make parenting effective, you must maintain the balance between discipline and its application. For best results, just remember the 3 F’s of effective parenting. They are firm, fair and friendly. Let’s learn about them in little detail.

Firm: Discipline should be firm. It states that the consequences of the inappropriate behavior made by the child should be made clear.

Fair: Use a fair policy while following the discipline rule. Under this, while granting the punishment for the inappropriate behavior, you must maintain the balance between the punishment and the crime. It’s not necessary that punishment should be hard. Instead it must be effective in making the child realize his mistake clearly.

Friendly: Always use a friendly approach while communicating with your child while he has committed something wrong. This behavior includes the consequences of the bad behavior he had followed.

Simply follow the above mentioned effective means of parenting and you can enjoy a strong relationship with your children.