Your smart phone is your best friend. When you are getting bored, it entertains you. You can listen to songs, watch videos and play games. It helps you in managing your work with various applications. It helps you track your fitness regimen so that you live a healthy lifestyle. But, what if your smart phone turns out be your enemy. That’s what is exactly happening nowadays. Unfortunately, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is in the news for the wrong reason. There have been cases recently, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries are exploding all around the world. Along with this, there have been numerous cases of overheating of the smart phones. Let us analyze the reasons behind explosion of the phone batteries.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Batteries

Reportedly, 112 phones around the world has caught fire. The maximum cases were reported in USA. Initially, Samsung offered to exchange the batteries of the phone. But, the problem was not resolved. Finally, the sales of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 were halted. And at the same time, the company stopped the production of the phones and recalled all the phones from the market. Now, you can exchange your phone with some other Samsung phone or demand your cashback.

The main reason cited for the explosion was- short circuit. The short circuit resulted in over heating and eventually phones were exploding. This was certainly due to the manufacturing error. This manufacturing error must have resulted in two possibilities. But, before this, let us analyze the structure of a Lithium ion battery.

Lithium batteries are composed of several positive and negative electrodes,a thin layer of insulation between the electrodes and an electrolytic solution. Lithium ions move from negative to positive electrodes while discharging and positive to negative while charging. The movement of ions happens in a controlled manner, across the insulated layer.

Reasons for Explosion

Now let us resume back to the causes of explosion. Firstly, it may happen that the compact structure of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 could have resulted in too much pressure and stress on the batteries. Due to this, the layers of electrodes must have come in close contact. The insulating layer gets punctured. When the insulation is punctured, there is a massive movement of ions towards the electrode. This results in short circuit. The over heating process initiates, exceeding the threshold level. This results in explosion of the batteries.

The experts have an argument. If it was due to the above reason, the phones would have started exploding very early. But, this didn’t happen. Therefore, there is a possibility of another reason.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was put on charging mode. The customer forgot to unplug it when the phone was fully charged and left it overnight on charging. This could have resulted in overflow of ions causing over heating and then, explosion. There may be defect in the phone software which did not detect whether the battery is fully charged or not. Due to this, charging continued resulting in explosion.


These are the possible reasons for the explosion the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries. I hope you liked this article. Keep visiting us for more updates on Technology, Health and Fitness.