Nokia was the first company to become popular by the time when mobile phones have just stepped into our lives. Though it was just a simple brick model, Nokia phones did give us ample proof that their devices were durable. With the coming of smart phones, the stage completely turned against Nokia, as it was not able to create a good impression on the users with its Symbian OS. But now, Nokia is back in news once again!!

The company has announced its plans on releasing the first Android OS based Nokia handsets the coming year. It has also announced its plans on returning to tablets and smart phones in May. Nokia has provided ample details on the formalizing of the licensing agreement with HMD Global (HMD).

Nokia has started launching a brand new section in its site that clearly shows the return of the Nokia smart devices. It is a sad fact that Microsoft has taken over its business on phones and completely shunned the Nokia brand that was supporting the Lumia smart phones. By the beginning of the first half of the next year, Nokia branded phones that work with Android OS will be in the market, along with the other Nokia feature phones.

The company has done its experiment with Android OS and its first device was the iPad mini clone that runs in Android. The market that has seen all the phone companies struggle hard to gain the top position will be now on witnessing Nokia’s brand new venture with great expectations. Competing with Apple, Samsung, Google and the whole bunch of Android phones in the market will definitely give the company a chance to prove its worth to the world. Creating an impression amongst the tech savvies is now a greater challenge than ever.