Weight is perhaps the most talked about topic among people after love, movies, relations and food. Whether you are overweight, underweight or you have a perfect weight, the discussions about weight will never go out of fashion.

There are several methods that are being used by people to reduce their weight and to keep it on track. Some people use exercises and hitting gym as an option and some see dieting as an effective tool to get to their desired shape. And some adopt a combination of both of these and then work on their weight.

Seven Mistakes to Lose Weight

However in this ordeal to get to the desired shape, there are certain mistakes that are being made. Some of the most commonly made mistakes, that people are ignorant about, have been listed as under:

  1. Over exercising and reducing the calorie intake: If you exercise a lot but are not taking proper food intake according to this exercise regime, then this can lead to your body going into a safety mode. This means that the body would start feeling that there is less food and so would start holding fats as a way to safeguard itself.
  2. Skipping Vegetables: In order to eat less, people start skipping what is important and thus reducing fiber in their body.
  3. Ignoring sleep desires: Sometimes people start skipping a good sleep that further worsen the situation as after waking up as it at this time that body needs more food.
  4. Not following a proper plan: Most people set to reducing weight but don’t make a proper plan for it. Therefore one should prepare a list of exercises that would be part of this and should not keep the same exercise routine for more than six days. After every 6 days, one should changes one’s pattern and stick to a new one for the next 6 days. Other than this, one can also make changes in the intensity, frequency and time given in a particular exercise.
  5. No weight lifting: This is not something that is restricted to the guys in the gym but is also equally important for girls. Resistance training or commonly known as weightlifting can help in boosting metabolism, propagate fat loss and increase muscle mass. All this will in turn lead to weight loss.
  6. Not saying no to packaged drinks: Fruit juices are good for body, however dietitians suggest that eating a fruit is always better than drinking its juice. And when it comes to packaged juices, they should be totally avoided for two simple reasons. First, these juices contain added sugar to make them taste better and second, they have preservatives. So instead of drinking these, one should opt to eat a fruit and get a mix of fruits in the diet.
  7. Eating a lot of processed food: Sometimes people keep a check on their exercise routine, drink lot of water, take proper sleep, lift weights, and follow a proper plan of action. Despite all these efforts they are not able to reduce their weight. One of the reasons can be consuming a lot of processed food. Processed foods are made up of sugar, salt and fats to enhance their taste, hence making them an unhealthy choice for people who want to reduce their weight. Furthermore, some studies also suggest that eating a lot of processed foods can lead to heart diseases and can increase the risk of cancer.

Other than the above listed mistakes, there are other common mistakes like drinking water while eating meals, consuming a lot of packaged foods, drinking alcohol, not tracking the food that you eat, eating too often or too less, reducing fiber and protein intake instead of reducing sugar intake and the like.

Avoiding these mistakes, dedication and trust on one’s capabilities can surely help in weight reduction and achieving the desired body. Following all this, one must not forget that being healthy and fit should be the prime goal and not just reducing the weight.