Women have to go through so many phases in their lives. They have many roles to play. They tend to evolve in every few months. To talk about a woman’s body, it also goes through many phases. These stages define her and also talk about her evolution as a woman. A girl turns to be a grown and young lady when she first gets her periods. The first menstrual cycle make the beginning of her puberty. A woman goes through these menstrual cycles for a long period in her life. A woman gives birth to a child and that marks another great evolution both physically and mentally. The menstruation cycle must be very healthy and must occur regularly for the woman to give birth to a child.


Menopause is the start of the new phase



 A woman usually might begin with the menopause after she turns 40. Each woman is different and so is her body.so, there is no specific time when she would stop getting her periods. Things work differently for different women. The first few symptoms of menopause will be irregular periods. The periods tend to come in a very irregular pattern. For some, it might skip months and then come one month. For few, it could skip a month and come again.

So, when a woman gets very irregular periods, she must understand that her menopause phase is nearing. A woman tends to think that her life turns around and that her youth has completely come to an end with menopause. This is the wrong thinking. Rather, it is just a new phase in life where the female body evolves and goes through some more ages in accordance to her age.


Respond to the symptoms


 An irregular period cycle is the first indication for a fairly middle aged women that she might be nearing her menopause. So, women must be able to respond to these symptoms. A female body needs good medical attention and good nutrition to be able to stay healthy and feeling good about this change in the body. The periods are irregular as the hormones fluctuate. So, each woman must know about this pre-menstrual phase and must also get medical attention if needed. The periods could either be too frequent or might occur very seldom. These are all symptoms of menopause so a woman must be completely aware of these things.

There are many gynecologists who can offer great help with won nearing menopause. The women nearing their menopause must make an effort and reach out to them.