Bikes are all about fun and excitement for those who like to take a small ride to the places nearby. But the real entertainment comes when you have a really well equipped Super Bike. The new Super bike from LeEco is something which any bike lover would love to own. This is a wonder electric bicycle that will be released in the U.S in the near future. The representatives of LeEco were not revealing the launch date and hence we need to really wait till we know the exact date. The bike is filled will all kinds of gadgets and hence it has to be well tested before the release. The highlights of this bike are laser running lights, signal turning switches, buttons that help in taking photos, adjustments of the headlight and lots more. It has a large battery that can be charged with the help of micro USB. It can also be recharged right from the front wheel. The bike lovers will be glad to hear that it is equipped with a Shimano Deore 30 speed gear set.

The Android device that runs in the bike is termed by LeEco as “Bike OS.” You can even get connected to cellular networks, and so we can literally call it a phone. You will find a custom interface on the other hand. Travelling will be fund as it has also the GPS facilities loaded in it. The bike has a security that helps in locking the rear wheel. You can even track your bike if someone has stolen it. Security alarm is yet another security feature equipped in this two wheeler. The high-tech fingerprint sensor can also be found in it.

This super bike has three main buttons that are also the three major features that can be found on the center of the bike. These are the buttons for lights, power and camera. You will find the Android phone fixed behind the hand bars. The buttons for turn signals and some other functions such as turning on the music and calling another person is possible with the buttons that are found under the thumbs.

The bike is all about fun and entertainment, but you should be careful not to get distracted on the road as it should never become a threat to your life. The bike is rated around $800 in China, but the exact price for U.S or the right date for release in the country is not yet known.