Laptop is such a device for some people without which they remain absolutely blind in case of work. For some laptop last for a long time and for some laptop with high end technologies and new age features are good options for collection and faster lifestyle. Some go by brand and many are there who actually look for feature packed device with long lasting capacity to give you a power packed service all throughout its tenure. Many go by looks, smart features and very small things that easily impress its user and some are always satisfied only with high end technologies and hardware that easily impress with its performance.

HP’s business focused Elite Book is one of those group of laptops that has been awfully designed to give an edge to edge competition with Apple’s Mac Book. For those who are always wondering and looking for something latest and greatest things to work with, there is good news for them. The Windows laptop makers have ultimately left the Mac Book Air obsolete from all aspects like design and specifications. Clubbed with Microsoft and Windows 10 surface work, hardware lovers can now find some really impressive options if you are looking for a Windows powered laptop for you.

With the surpassing of the Mac Book air, the new trend is towards the creation of the newer 12 inch Mac Book. In this race both the brands Asus and HP have already created their Windows powered 12 inch Mac Book versions for those who are looking for a lighter and handier gadget for their daily work.

The new inclusion in the HP family, the business focused Elite Book Folio is ready to compete with the Mac Book at any level. The great looks and light weight with absolute aluminium build doesn’t make it flimsy from any angle. This Elite Book by Windows Laptop makers has actually worked to improve several things in comparison to the Apple’s Mac Book.


This Laptop is designed unique to be for and selling to businesses. It is absolutely different from the all boring laptops provided by your office. The best looking laptop ever from HP is actually the opposite with its stunning aluminium finish with glossy silver HP logo that adds star to its design. The smooth and edgy finish is yet soft and comfortable for use and one cannot stop running fingers on them. The thickness is 0.5 inches and weighs less than 2.2 pounds which is again a most impressive feature of the Elite Book from HP.

Other features

The Keyboard design is solid but might prove to be small and cramped in case of using it for longer. The best way to test a laptop is to try opening the lid with one hand effort. If this is effortless and without any sound then the laptop is really worth certification. The Elite Book very smoothly passes such a test and on top of that the hinge perfectly allows it to lay flat with the keyboard. Windows 10 runs absolutely flawless on the Elite Book.