Do you find your child’s attention seeking behavior annoying? Do you know that the attention seeking behaviors such as crying, screaming, etc are normal in young child’s development stage? According to a research, children in the age group of 3-7 years find it difficult to express their needs in a proper manner and thus they instill upon engaging in attention seeking behavior such as shouting, screaming. The reason behind such type of behavior can be any; the child wants real attention or he is hungry or tired or any other reason.

When your child seeks your attention, you need to figure out the possible means to control. This involves certain do’s & don’ts which will result in better handling of the child. Let’s read about what you can do and what you can avoid in a little detail.


Be kind to your child: sound little difficult but it can be possible. While your child is showing continuous screaming or shouting, you need to understand that it’s a part of its immature behavior which needs certain sort of counseling from your part. Just be there and try to understand your child.

Try to ignore sometimes: Yes, that’s also necessary. You must learn to ignore all time whining of your child just to acknowledge him that such kind of behavior will not work every time.

Maintain a system: You can discuss the value of attention seeking behavior with your child by explaining him about the need of the behavior at the time of emergency. This must include the need of such behavior at the time of emergency and at regular times.

Know him the rules: This is the best way to put a break on frequent attention seeking activities. You can make your child aware of what your expectations are and what rules are there in the home which had to be followed by him.


Shout back: Instead of exploding at such sort of situations, try to clam out or just leave the place for few minutes. This will let you calm down yourself and you can get back to your child to make him clam too.

Fill your child with guilt: Most parents make the mistake of carrying their tensions onto them and make the child guilty of doing screaming or whining. Instead, you can tell your child that you are not feeling well or something and ask him to calm down the screaming till you get normal.

Don’t panic: don’t make the situation cumbersome by thinking that something had gone wrong with your child that’s why he is showing off such behavior. Just clam down and think before you act.

Attention seeking behavior is hard to handle but at the end, it is a regular part of a child’s development stage and with the correct applications of necessary tactics, you can easily handle it.