Imagine it’s your big day, it might be your entrance exam, interview, or a wedding and you feeling uneasy. You planning to go on vacation and it get cancelled due to illness of you or your family members. You go for 1 day outing and you come back home feeling extremely fatigue, you are about to do some activity and you not willing to go for it and you procrastinate the plans. Did you observe common factor which is mostly causing a problem here. Yes it is a health issue.

Health, the most important factor of human life which is mostly underrated one all these while. The Anne Wilson Schaef has quoted the importance of health in such a beautiful way.

“Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.”

How true. The life style today is certainly not favorable to keep a good heath but to maintaining it always comes with value added benefits, and it becomes equally important to know what Good health is all about. One cannot state what exactly is good health but in simple words we can put it as  “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”

Hence we can say that  a good state of mind and soul creates a perfect environment for every individual to carry on his day today’s task, to stay motivated and keep going. And to get such healthy life style one need not invest in expensive medicine or treatments. Its simple steps taken towards healthy lifestyle makes it really easy and magical.

So lets see what could  be those little efforts one must put in towards the goal of STAYING Health


Its always been said ‘what we eat is what we are’ and eating right, healthy and balanced diet is like a miraculous. Food os most vital ingredient for functioning of every organ in our body and when fuel is perfect the engine works fine.  The humble simple meal with full of minerals and vitamins is all you need to stay healthy. Adding a raw vegetables, millets, egg and milk products into daily meal is very favoring  in long run. Indulging in lavish meals at restaurant or that tempting visits to chat street  are totally acceptable but we must make sure that it shouldn’t become habit which our body cannot handle. Thus we suggest you to have your own diet plan. Include every possible goodness in every bite you intake and watch how wonderful you can feel about yourself.

  • PHYSICAL EXERCISENothing works like wonder in static mode hence this body also needs to be moved. move your body no matter how little you can but please do it. A morning brisk walk, 2-3 yoga asanas or that one hour heavy workout in gym it all at the end of the day reward you by giving you a healthier body and happy soul. Sweating due to any exercise and good and make you feel beautiful about your body and transforms one into something that matters the most.




sound mind creates a sound body and meditating for few minutes per day will put your mind and body in rest mode meanwhile allowing you to understand and analyze you, yourself and lives around you. It channels the inner peace and brings out the eternal peace. Chanting few mantras or just sitting with closed eyes by forgetting all the worries make you feel lighter and merrier.



Enough sleep is key to good health. Our body and mind always strive for good peaceful sleep and medical science says it is very important to sleep well for at least 8hours a day to keep oneself activated for coming days. Lack of sleep always causes a illness, indigestion, fatigue and many more dysfunctions. Hence make sure you sleep well and sound.


We keep hearing the words ‘cleanliness is next to godliness” from childhood and it shows how prominent it is to keep clean and hygiene. To stay healthy its important to stay bacteria and worm free so developing habits of personal hygiene, eating with clean hands, keeping surroundings and city clean and spotless leads to the healthier you and society.


As said before healthy is not only about physical but its equally associated with mental wellness. Socializing, meeting new people, going out, learning new things, reading books, indulging in music or sports, talking to friends, dedicating to work this all are the activity associated with keeping happy. and Happy soul is healthy soul.


Visiting your doctor once a while for routine check up is equally essential. It might seems absolutely unnecessary at this moment but this will help you to understand how adequately your body is functioning, and even incase of any problem it can be ruled out in early stages and make you suffer less.

I am sure the above mentioned all the points are pretty simple to implement but im more sure about the results it will yield into. These little changes will transform and evolve you to healthier living happy soul and perfect mind. And combination of all these brings out the best in YOU.


Last but least most important thing is to love oneself and be ready to embrace the best of you.


Stay Healthy Stay Happy..!