The most important aspect of a relationship involves making your partner feel special and wanted .Specially if you guys are in a long distance relationship where you hardly meet each other, little cute things you do for your partner can do wonders. Being loved is the most beautiful thing ever and trust me your partner will appreciate your efforts and your relationship will strengthen each day. Expressing yourself to the fullest through words and actions is the most powerful way to win someone’s   heart .I will share a few unique tips which you can try to make your bond stronger.


How would it be to wake up to a beautiful message saying the sweetest things you want to hear from your partner .It makes you smile and is a perfect start for the day. Nothing can be more special than being the most important person to someone you love. If you have the talent for writing poetry, cute short notes utilize it to make your partner wonderful. Trust me, pamper him with words which you actually mean. He is already head over heels in love with you. This bit will just be an icing on the cake.


So, be it his birthday or anniversary, all you need to do is shower him with all your love and affection .Make your moments unforgettable and capture those moments to make them everlasting .Now what all you could be doing? I would suggest that you could prepare a list of all the inside jokes you shared with your partner .Now gift him that with a piece of handmade card. Wont it be just perfect? Trust me, no expensive watches or material things can replace what you personally do for him. Let him judge you through your actions .Let him know that you love him. After all, actions speak louder than words.


When you are in love, make sure he knows about it and you prove it to him day in and day out .I bet you, if your partner is going to be secure and confident regarding your feelings for him   ,he will want you even more in his life. He would surely want someone who is ready to make a strong commitment to be with him forever. A guy would want a girl who doesn’t shy away from telling the world that she loves  her partner a lot.


So he achieved something big in his life? Why not just flaunt it and make him feel that you are very happy for him? You should be an integral part of his achievements and make sure that you celebrate in a grand way. Tell him often, how his achievements in life inspire you to do better in life .Tell him that you are very lucky to have someone like him who can guide you to do better in terms of your career .In short, tell him that you are proud to have a partner like him who is supportive and helpful.Just like you, your partner would love to be pampered .