Cannabis which is very famous generally among youth and aged people is also known as Marijuana. In few countries it is legal and in few it is illegal.

Cannabis is the most commonly used drug. As the time is passing, the use of Cannabis is just increasing day by day making it more and more important in daily lifestyle. Recent study proves that if smoking of cannabis in large amount increases the risk of bone fracture, osteoporosis and bone density.

What can happen when more of cannabis is taken:-

1) It is seen that people who regularly smoke cannabis have a lower body weight and which also   reduced body mass index (BMI).  Losing weight is generally because of thinning of their bones.

2) As the age increases the bone also becomes weak. But cannabis makes bone more prone to different diseases.

3) Different studies show somewhat common results. It’s seen that regularly 170 people who smoke for recreational purposes and 114 healthy non-users.

4) Heavy users who generally consume cannabis more than 47,000 times, while people who uses the cannabis about 1,000 times have less risk of bone diseases in lifetime.

5) The study’s shows that the people with more consumption of cannabis are more prone to fractures and other bone diseases.

6) It also gives a negative impact on the healing of bone after fracture as it weakens the bone with time.

7) Specialized kind of X-Ray technique is used to know the condition of the bone that is called a DEXA scan.

8) The bone density of heavy users of cannabis was almost 5% per cent lower than who use less of cannabis.

Long-term effects that Cannabis Causes 

It is seen that the cannabis affects the Physical health of a person very badly. But recent studies also had shown that not only mental health physical health also effects due to excess of Cannabis.

Few Of the effects are:-

1) Anxiety

The study shows that use of the cannabis and anxiety is interrelated that affects the brain of a person.

2) Chronic psychosis

The risk of psychosis increases with the use of cannabis. Factors include genetic liability and childhood trauma which are very important.

As we have gone through all the aspects of taking excess of cannabis. This strongly says that it not only affects the physical health but it also affects our mental health and that would to be very badly.

It has also proves that the people who have more of the cannabis consumption’s suffer more and have more bone problem and fractures, in comparison to the people who consumes it on a moderate level or non- user because the components present in cannabis directly affects bone cell that functions less.