Domestic violence is a growing concern all over the world. Domestic violence is the direct result of one person trying to dominate other. In most of the cases, women are the abused ones. According to a research, 85% victims of domestic violence are women. Domestic violence ranges from physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse and psychological abuse. Effects of domestic violence is widespread like broken relationships, financial losses, emotional disturbance, injuries, etc. Not only this, it has a major effect on children as well. Here we discuss how domestic violence affects children.

Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

Children learn from their surroundings. They learn from their parents. They don’t know the difference between right and wrong. Whatever they see, it inculcates in them. Often in the tussle between parents, children are the victims. How does children become victims of domestic violence?

  • Witnessing the actual horrors of violent abuse or sexual abuse. At a tender age, these incidents can affect their life negatively.
  • Most of the times, children gets injured in the fights. They may try to intervene but the insensitive parents are so much engrossed in their struggle that they forget about the repercussions.
  • After the end of the episode, the broken things can literally break a child emotionally. Shattered cutlery, vase, torn clothes can horrify them.
  • Children directly gets exposed to unsecured environment, loud noises, tensed relations. They grew up with these everyday happenings that affects their upbringing.

This was about the children becoming victims of domestic violence. But, these happenings have a significant impact on their life as well. There present and future both are in grave danger.How does these happenings impact them? Let us have a look at these points:

  • The most common and widespread problem is anxiety and depression. Children experience these disorders at such young age that their childhood gets ruined.
  • They live in a constant fear of separation. They fear that their parents will leave them. Siblings have a fear of separation. But, in most of the cases, siblings becomes pillars of strength for each other.
  • Loneliness and scared behavior becomes prevalent that directly affects their social life. I have seen children developing speech disorders when they undergo such situations in their childhood.
  • Due to these disorders, their health is compromised. They experience major health problems at a young age. This hampers their overall development.

So, now you understand that you should protect children from witnessing the horrors of domestic violence so that there future is not compromised. Here are some tips to avoid the impact of domestic violence on children:

Tips to avoid impact of Domestic Violence

  • Try to avoid fights in front of the children.
  • Do not raise voices and abuse in front of them. It may happen that they grasp this behavior and grow up with these traits in them.
  • Counselling is effective solving the issues. First, you can try to counsel your child about the negative effects. If you cannot do the job, hire a private counselor.

But, you must realize that your foolishness should not destroy an innocent child’s future. I hope you liked this article on effects of domestic violence on children.