Form sunburn to dry skin, bug bites to poison ivy and diaper rash, children may become a victim of variety of skin diseases and issues. Changing weather, cold or heat, allergies, sickness, etc. often tend to be the reason behind all the changes in a child’s skin. Most of the skin problems are easy to deal with and so they are not a big problem but, few infections are hard to treat. With the way they infection looks it can be easily defined which type of infection is it. But, one should never take risk and make assumptions, it is always recommended to contact a skin specialist if any of such circumstances occur. This article will talk about different type of infection that children should be protected from while it would also talk about the ways and methods as of how you can treat them and take care of them!


Types of Diseases and their causes!

  • Ringworm– Although the name suggests that this infection must be caused because of worms but, it is not true. Ringworm is caused by the fungus that that resides on dead skin, nail tissue and hair. The effects of it are initially seen as a red bump and gradually it start taking a shape of a ring. This infections in transmitted when your child has skin to skin contact with someone or they share their towels or something with someone.


  • Chickenpox– This rash or infection which is not seen much in today’s kids were very common in earlier days because in that era chickenpox vaccines were not available. It is a contagious infection that can spread very quickly. You know it is chicken pox when you observe some itchy rash or red blisters or spots all over your child’s body. These spots go through stages before they disappear. At first they blister, then they burst, they dry and at last they crust over.


  • Hives– It is an infection that causes itchy and burning welts. They can be caused because of many things like eggs, shellfish, nuts and food additives. Strep throat and extreme hot or cold climate can also cause hives. They can show on any part of our body. Hives tend to become a serious issue when there is a swelling in your child’s face or he is facing any breathing problems.


Remedies of these infections!

  • Ringworm– In case of a ringworm one should consult their child’s doctor. The doctor would prescribe to treat this with anti-fungal creams.


  • Chickenpox– It is a disease that doesn’t come with a particular treatment. But, parents should provide their children with a chickenpox vaccine at an early age so that their child do not have to suffer from it.


  • Hives– Medicines such as penicillin and aspirin should be taken to set hives off. But, if your child is very young then you should not give him aspirin.