A bike trip to Leh & Manali is an epic you will remember all your life. A route opened up for just a couple of months, these 500 km will test you, startle you, stun you and leave you hypnotized. All you life’s problems will just vanish for some time!

Here are the mesmerizing places you will encounter during this fascinating journey:

Tanglang la


Just a few hours after Leh, all civilization simply vanishes. And you find yourself in Tanglang la, a mountain pass with its peak at more than 5000 m. This is the place where one crosses the most noteworthy point – of this voyage, as well as of their lives!

The view at the top is breathtaking! The whole pass lays out before you. You will be at level with the snow clad pinnacles surrounding you. A sign board gladly confirms that you are at the highest point of the Leh Manali highway.

Laid out before your view is the magnificent Himalayas, shriveled with age by their single consistent friend – the brutal winds!

"Journey from Leh to Kelong, India"

“Journey from Leh to Kelong, India”

This will be your view for the most part of your journey.

You will find yourself in the arms of nature in its pure form, away from a single hint of life.

Next up you will encounter a small village with the most generous kind of people you had ever met in your life. These people are the reason one can admire this beauty of nature as they help in constructing and maintaining the roads leading up and surrounding these mountains.

This is their only source of income from which they earn around 20 to 30 thousand to survive rest of the year.


Lachung la


Long and winding, with its top at 4891 m, the Lachung la is the next pass of the Leh-Manali course.

Hard-to-believe natural formations and marvels seeming impossible to exist characterize this pass.  The natural tunnel below is just one among the many spectacular sights here

"Journey from Leh to Kelong, India"


Nakee la


The third pass you will encounter on this epic journey is Nakee la. You can get a good look of Indus from here enough to take your breaths away.

"Journey from Leh to Kelong, India"

Just imagine, how can this place look in the winter? Secured in snow?


Do the mountains ever get lonely? In any case, they generally have winds for companion!

Then comes the time for the reds of the Leh-Manali roadway! The wind-battered mountain faces with their powdered rocks appeared like huge sand hills.

"Journey from Leh to Kelong, India"

This additionally makes the Leh-Manali interstate defenseless against monstrous avalanches. The scene is all exceptionally staggering; however with such solid strengths of nature at play, there is never truly an ensured safe

Gata loops


Next up is Gata Loops, a progression of fastener twists circling down. A roller coaster ride you have never experienced before. A ride you can’t forget – ever.

Baralacha la


This is the place where you will find SNOW. Lots and lots of SNOW!! You will find Lake Suraj Taal at the end of the pass.

After that, the signs of civilizations will begin to appear.

Sitting at your homes, you can’t even imagine what it’s like to be there. All other experiences fail in front of these.


Rohtang Pass


You should start for Rohtang a fresh day. Rohtang – A pass no driver sets out to cross at night.

Following a few hours, you will find yourself toward the start of the Rohtang Pass. The crown prince of the Leh-Manali course! Alternately a feared creature!

It will need a great courage to even think of crossing this pass. This route is not for weak-hearted! It’s a one-lane road only for a good amount of the journey where you will need great care to cross it safely.

But, it’s nothing compared the views surrounding you. Actually, this whole journey is seeing nature in its true form. Its raw form! Untouched by human interference! Lots of thoughts cross your minds while riding this whole journey. You become a philosopher, a poet, an admirer and a naturalist.

Some people actually cry while returning home. You too, will wish that time stops when you are strolling on the Leh-Manali highway crossing these.