Nutrients really play an important role in development of our body. Without proper nutrient it really becomes difficult for is to survive. Food rich in carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals are really necessary to be a part of the diet. A diet containing all the nutrients in proper amount is known as a balance diet.

We see that children have a common vegetable which they like and that is potato. Potato is Rich in carbohydrates and also is good sources of minerals and vitamins. Many parents think making our child eat fruits and green leafy vegetables will help them immune to a better stage but however consumption of only one nutrient can never be helpful for the kids to grow up therefore it is also necessary that kids go with the other vegetables as well. Kids love to eat potato and they are even healthy.

Benefits of having potato in the diet

  • There are many vegetables that kids do not eat bit mixing well with potato it becomes easier for the child to eat
  • Potatoes are good sources of vitamins and fibers too
  • It is really good for the kids of ages 2 to 3 as it provides potassium and fiber which gives them energy and also helps them in digestion of the food.
  • Also the potatoes can be found easily anywhere and are even handy for the person to buy.
  • Fiber provided by potatoes also help in the development of the body and gives energy.


Younger kids require a log of energy as they run and play. The kids have better digestive systems therefore it is necessary that the children must have a diet rich in nutrients.

  • Role of vegetable for the development of our body
  • Helps in keeping the well being of the body
  • Contribute in providing fibbers and nutrients to the body.
  • Provides nutrients which helps in growth and development of the body.


Also one thing to keep in mind is that the eating habit that the children learn in childhood is evenly carried in the adult hood too. Therefore good eating habits will make sure that the children have learnt to eat properly.

So it is necessary that the kids must be pushed towards healthy eating habits and nutritional diet in order to helps in the development of the body. Small kids love to play and wiggle around so it is really necessary that the child consume diet Rich in carbohydrates and fat too. Sometimes people think food Rich in carbohydrates will make their child fat but not necessary as if the child loves to play then the diet with carbohydrates will be easily turned into providing energy to the body. This energy will let the children to play and roam.


So as parents it should be the initiative that the children must cultivate healthy eating habits and must follow the diet which provides them nutrition in equal amount so that it helps them to develop a healthy body.