Basil or more commonly called “Tulsi” is one of the most valuable herbs that we have in each household in India. Since time immemorial, the holy basil is being used for many purposes in our daily lives. The variety of uses that this plant has made it get a number of names such as “The Queen of Herbs”, “Mother Herb”, “Holy Basil” and a lot more. The reason why this medicinal plant has been given such a high position amongst other herbs is that every part of this plant has some medicinal and healing properties attached to it.

The benefits of this plant are a lot, ranging from benefits to skin, hair, body cleansing, relieving from the cold, kidney stones, sore throat, heart disorder and a lot more.

Let us now know about the benefits that this plant offers to skin:

  1. Removes and Prevents Pimples

Basil has a very amazing property of cleaning and purifying blood. And it does not take much of an effort to do this. One can simply eat one or two raw leaves every day in the morning. This helps in purifying blood and thus removing and preventing further pimple and acne. Other than this for faster removal of pimples and blackheads, one can crush these leaves and mix with sandalwood powder or fuller’s earth, neem leaves, lemon juice and turmeric and make a face pack. One can use this daily for a clear and bright skin that is a pimple and acne free.

  1. Gives glowing skin

Tulsi or basil also helps in getting flawless and blemish free skin. There are various ways how this can be achieved using basil leaves. For a simple method, you can put some basil leaves to dry, either in sun or inside your home also. Once the leaves are dry, they need to be powdered and stored in an air-tight container. This powder can be used to prepare face mask using fuller’s earth and water or rose water. After applying it, one can let it dry for 10–15 minutes and wash it off. This simple and no time-consuming pack can actually help you achieve clear and glowing skin in a few days only.

  1. Lightens the skin tone

Basil not only offers a natural glow but also helps in lightening skin tone. To help achieve this result, one can crush a few basil leaves, mix it with few drops of lemon juice and apply to the face. In a few weeks of application, one can see dramatic effects that are on the good side.

  1. Tightens the skin

To achieve this result, beat egg white and mix it with fresh basil leave juice and apply to the problematic area. After leaving for half an hour, it has to be washed off with lukewarm water. This pack has the benefits of both the basil and the egg. The egg tightens the pores, whereas the juice of basil leaves removes infections. And the result is glowing skin.

  1. Helpful in healing wounds and burns

Basil is a very effective medicinal plant in curing burns and wounds. To treat wounds and burns, the juice of basil leaves should be mixed with coconut oil for a few minutes. Once this mixture gets cooled off, it can be applied to the burnt skin or to the wound.

There are various other benefits of this medicinal plant and this is the reason that there is no doubt when it is called the Mother Herb.