Everyone wants to look fit and fine. You are working hard to shed those extra pounds. You are doing various workouts like cardio, strength, yoga, etc. You are following a strict diet regime eliminating fats to exaggerate your efforts. But still, you are not able to lose weight. It is because you require knowing more than workout and diet schedule. You have to change your approach towards achieving your goal. Here, we have listed 6 possible reasons for not losing weight. If you can relate to any of these listed reasons, you have to change your schedule.

Why are you not losing weight?


The major reason for not losing weight is your slow metabolism. What does this mean? In simple terminology, it means that your digestion process is slow. When your digestion is slow, your internal body processes consume less energy.When digestion is proper, you will consume more calories. More calorie consumption means more weight loss. For high metabolism, you need to eat 5-6 small meals rich in protein and fiber at regular interval 2-3 hours. Along with this, keep your water intake high. You will see the changes in few days.

Right Proportion of Macro nutrients

Protein, carbohydrates and fats together constitute macro nutrients. If your target is weight loss, you should consume a high protein diet with medium carbohydrates and low fats. Moreover, the highest amount of carbohydrates should be consumed post workout. Avoid eating simple carbohydrates in all meals except post workout. This will boost your metabolism and help you shed that stubborn fat.

Empty calories

When we feel thirsty, we tend to drink a lot of sweetened carbonated drinks. This is a major setback for weight loss aspirants. When you consume these drinks, you are consuming calories without any nutrition. Sweetened drinks does not contain protein or fiber. They are just empty calories which increase your calorific consumption and hampering your weight loss.

Switch to strength training

Most of the people have a conception that strength training does not facilitate weight loss. You are wrong! It immensely boosts weight loss mechanism. When you train for strength and have proper diet, you will gain muscles. When you gain muscles, your calorie consumption will increase. The muscles will tap the fat resources in your body for extra energy. This will help in burning fat. Go to the gym and start squatting!

Change your Workout

If you are following the same exercise routine for months, your body will adapt to the procedure. It will develop resistance to your body movements. You will reach a plateau where you will  not witness any major changes in your body. To avoid this situation, change your workout schedule in every three months.

Will Power

Last but not the least, it all depends on your will power. If you are determined enough to change, you will witness positive results over a period of time. You just have to follow a right approach with patience and strong will power.