When you are all fueled up for a sweaty session at the gym and want it to go perfect as it is something that gives you both pleasure and discards stress, drinking the wrong drinks can ruin the whole fun.

Most of us, when we are about to hit the gym, try to hydrate ourselves so that the one or two hours of our beast mode goes perfectly fine, however in this effort we sometimes choose the wrong options and make it a not-so-fruitful session. So here is a list of five such drinks are supposed to be strictly avoided right before hitting your gym.

Worst Drinks Before Exercise

  1. Dairy based energy drinks: This option may look a little weird in the list but it is one of the most ludicrous choices to be made. The simple reason for this is that drinks with dairy products are difficult to digest. So they can create problems while exercising. Further, they can also make you gassy and this can be a real trouble while exercising. Nobody wants to hear fart sounds and sniff odors around themselves. Though, milk and milk based drinks can be a good option after gyming as they have a lot of protein, carbs and fat. One can try protein and water instead of drinks with dairy products.
  2. Alcohol: This has been regarded as the worst choice in drinks before an exercise session. Even a little can be a problem. The reason behind this is that alcohol dehydrates the body. Further, it wrecks the balance. Therefore, it hampers the decision making process and confusion creeps in right after. Another reason to avoid alcohol is that it promotes inflammation. All of these reasons are enough for you to get hurt and overstretch yourself during exercise.
  3. Fruit Drinks: Sounds quite weird, but fruit drinks are definitely not a good choice right before gyming. Even the most natural of theses fruits drinks contain sugar. And this sugar is in the form of high-fructose corn syrup that is just not right. This can be a good choice after the gyming session though. Instead of this one, you can try water and fresh juice or just coconut water.
  4. Soda: This is another wrong choice before hitting gym and in general also. Drinks with fizz can cause gas, bloating and abdominal pain while going exercises. To add further, these drinks contain a lot of sodium which can propel dehydration in the body. And if some people hold the notion that diet soda can help them in some way then they are grossly mistaken too for they possess artificial sweeteners. Such sweeteners are bad for health. Especially aspartame which is one of the most common and widely used sweeteners. This sweetener can create problems like memory loss, dizziness, mood swings and even severe headaches like migraines.
  5. Sport Drinks: If you think this does not seem to fit in the list, then you might have t think again. Most of the sport drinks available in the market do not offer any health benefits as they are nothing but non-carbonated soda. A sport drink can create a sudden sugar rush in the body and then a sudden sugar crash. Not just this, these drinks also creates a problem with the hormones. Further, such drinks elongate the time that you need to bounce back after exercising.

The best and safest choice of drinks can be simple water. This not only hydrates you r body but is exactly what you body needs while exercising. It has come out in a recent study also that one should drink around two and a half cups of water two hours prior to your gym session and one cup during warm up and then further one cup after every half an hour. This can be all you need to do when it comes to drinking before exercising.