Microsoft is all in for giving you the biggest surprise ever this spring. The company has announced the big update for Windows 10, known as the Windows 10 Creator Update. Gamers and designers will be gaining more out of the new updated. Microsoft, with this update will be grouping its very unique features into three main sections- People, 3D and Gaming.

Unique 3D feature

Microsoft has planned to make Windows 10 to be the best, a one stop place for virtual reality, augmented reality and holographic computing via the HoloLens. Introduction of a range of unique tools that exclusively support the 3D content in the right manner has made this dream possible.

The company has demonstrated on how one can take a 3D scan of any object with the help of their phone, get it uploaded to Paint, tweak it, take a deeper look in the augmented reality with the help of HoloLens and finally send to another person. The picture thus sent will be in virtual reality. Microsoft says, “We want you to move around a 3D world as naturally as you scroll through a document.”

3D support is provided to many of the traditional Windows programs. The Paint and the PowerPoint will be coming with 3D object creation and editing facilities, which will bring in a huge revolution in the tech world. With the help of Paint 3D, you will be able to create basic 3D shapes and you will also be able to share these to social networks or through SketchUp. Editing 3D objects that has been created in Minecraft too will be easier. Moreover, you can also print them with the help of a 3D printer.

Working with PowerPoint too will be fun with the 3D support from Microsoft. You will be able to integrate 3D objects right from the 3D Clipart library and add layer in the movements such as spinning rotating etc., in your presentation. The good news is that Microsoft will be implementing 3D features in most of its popular apps the next year.

Game Broadcasting and Tournaments (Built-in)

Gamers will have a good time with the Creator update, as they will be able to watch the broadcasts of other gamers or even make their own live stream to be shared with others with the help of the game streaming service Beam. This will be an in-built facility that you will find in Windows 10 Creators Update. You will also be able to create tournaments with friends and enjoy your private gaming sessions.

People right in the task bar

With this feature, you will be able to add the numbers of your friends and family at the task bar. You can drag as well as drop the files to the icons so as to share these with them in a much quicker manner. This area can become a one stop for messaging apps such as Skye or Emails and communicate with people right there.