Having a dog as your pet at home fills your home with enormous joy and happiness. Since ages dog has been a very loyal friend to man. Whenever one thinks of having a pet the first and foremost name of the animal that comes in the mind is the Dog. Right from being cuddled in your lap, following your instructions and carrying out your orders to being a great watchman at your doors there has been no competitor for a dog in the world of pets. It is very easy to train a dog as well to maintain a dog at your household. There are several species of dogs that can be trained in different ways to perform various duties at different places.

There are several traits and own instincts of dogs that sometimes make you the most irritated at different situations. It is the most sky breaking situation when you in the middle of a very important conversation with your guests when you discover your pet dog bringing your stinking socks into the room. Or in some very early morning you need to rush for your office and find your new shoes been torn and chewed by your dog. This article is here to guide you through some very simple yet useful tips that could help you in training your dog to a faithful and loyal friend by your side.

  1. The way of training a dog by clicking and treating him is a very successful and age long process. By this method you can train him about being rewarded or getting a treat on the click of your fingers. This will help him understand the time only when he will get a treat from his master.
  2. Calling your dog by his name and making him get associated with his name is very important. This can be done by calling out his name whenever he looks at you. Click n call can also be done for around 20 times to get him accustomed to his name.
  3. The next important training to be given to your pet is the sitting training. You can ask him to sit, click n treat. Repeating this method for 20 times will help your pet adopt the sitting easily.
  4. You can also train your dog in lying down by this same click and treat method. Whenever your dog lies down click and treats him. Repeating this procedure for some 20 times or so will help him learn the gesture of lying down on your command very soon.
  5. Dog is very often made to bring your belongings from one place to you. So, training in identifying your belongings and bringing them to you is very essential. First you have to make him identifying the household things by letting him touch them and then click and treat whenever he touches it on your telling the thing name. After the dog has mastered the command of picking a household thing let him ask to bring and click and treat him as he does so.