Making the younger children to learn something new and different it is necessary to understand a pattern which they follow. The child is much more aware about the pattern of learning and how they put up different concepts of learning. Children easily learn new and different words by using it in there day to day routine.

The children have a pattern following the learning concepts and when this turned into another concept to be evoked same by the Robots too. The robots have also followed the same pattern of learning and this has shown that there is normally nothing much of a difference in the recognition of the robot or the toddler. So if one follows the same old pattern of learning then the mind of the children is to be working same as that of the robot. Early learning pattern was based on a structure that was not acting accordingly to build up the conscious thought but definitely it was building up the automatic learning based on the associate objects that will enable babies to learn more about their environment.

There were many psychologists who felt and researched that the young children learn new words for the first time. The human robot was also formed to see how the. The children also perceive to find out various and different forms of learning by the younger children the psychologists have also programmed a human robot which is known as the iCub. This has been specially designed to cope with the intellectual children of the ages 2 to 3. The robot was made using the software that induced the special features of

  • listening
  • reading
  • analyzing
  • grasping power
  • concepts

According to the psychologists the 2 year younger children can easily mark out the meaning of the words that they already know. Like if we show them an animal four legged and tell them that this is a cow then different animals having four legs will be the cow. Therefore the learning concept of the children has been evoked easily with the different concepts. Now this concept is received by the theory known as mutual exclusivity.

According to this concept the children will be facing different concept to understand their level of thinking. And same concept is that followed by the robot. The robot learned exactly in the same way that the children learnt according to the mutual exclusivity theory.

Also according to the same study the behavior can be simply handled as per the learning power of the brain. The toddler learning method is as same as that of the robot. The brain associated with the same concepts of learning to both kids and the robot however the conception of learning may vary from children to children. There are some aspects of early learning that have been based on different analyzing power of the kids and they perceive things differently. This also allows babies to learn concepts of fun, build up different learning skills as their daily routine and life.