Chronic pain is the term given to the pain which lasts for more than six months. The intensity of this pain can range from mild to severe and it can be a continuous pain or strike you in episodes. Also, the pain can make you a little inconvenient or totally restless and debilitated.

As much as 20% of the people in different countries are suffering from chronic pains. This percentage is quite a lot to affect individuals as well as their families. This in turn also puts a burden on the employers hiring such people, the society and the health care systems. Although there are many treatments available for such chronic pains, a recent study published in the Journal of Pain Research has come up with another drug free and safe treatment for chronic pains called the Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS).

The other name for Spinal Cord Stimulation is Dorsal Column Stimulation. In this method, the patient is first given local anesthesia and the skin is numbed for the surgery. A surgery is then performed to place a small device under your skin. The wires of this device are spanned in the space above your spinal cord. These small wires from this device carry the current waves from a pulse generator and deliver it to the nerve fibre of the spinal cord. This device carries mild waves of electric current to your spinal cord which actually helps in relieving the pain whenever it strikes.

This new technology is gaining fame gradually and there is a strong need to update ourselves on this topic. A study has been done by an Australian Team to look into the level of safety, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the Spinal Cord Stimulation treatment for back and limb pains.

A review from three studies with scientific evidence was done by the authors. They took a deeper look at the different routes of the SCS treatment namely, burst wave from SCS, dorsal root ganglion SCS and high frequency 10 (HF10) SCS. The study says that the evidences collected, support Spinal Cord Stimulation treatment and that the routes; dorsal root ganglion SCS and HF10 SCS are successful and safe for treating chronic back and leg pains.

According to the lead author of Metro Pain Group, Melbourne, Australia, Paul Verrills, the studies say that there are unrecognized evidences about the safety of treating chronic back and leg pain using Spinal Cord Stimulation technique. It has also been detected that in comparison to other treatments for chronic pains, SCS carries lesser side effects and hitches. The author also supports the treatment saying that it should be suggested to the patients at an earlier stage rather than lingering it on as an end moment or later stage treatment.