We have all had wounds while we were growing up. We as children always had bruised knees and elbows. Any game or sport we played always ended up with a wound. Some were minor ones while some could also have been extremely painful. If one might have noticed, children and young adults will experience that their wounds heal quickly in comparison to the older people. This was first or initially observed in the war scenarios where the young soldiers would experience that their wound heals faster and the older soldiers would feel pain and their wounds would take much longer to fill. Now, there are some logical scientific reason why this happens.


Some facts that make the observation true


A wound is covered by the skin cells in a few days and that is what in simple words causes the wounds to heal. The reason why older people take longer to get a wound healed is that the skin cells and the immune cells lose quick contact. The wounds heal only when these cells have contact between one another. Aging disrupts this communication or contact and that makes the wounds stay on for longer in older people. There are some scientists who are trying to study ways in which the contact between the skin and immune cells can be made stronger and so the wounds might heal better.


Diabetes is also one cause


It is not necessary that every elder person has diabetes. But, those who have diabetes and are on the elderly side, then they would always experience that their wounds take much longer to help than others. Diabetes causes the wounds to stay on for longer as it disrupts the body’s natural process of healing. Diabetes has several factors that lead to the extreme delay in healing of cuts or wounds. A simple cut also might take quite long to get better in a diabetic person. The cases become worse when a diabetic person is over 65 years of age.


Scientific experiments to prove the observation


There was a scientific experiment that was conducted on mice to determine the fact or observation. It was thus noticed that in the older mice, the keratinocytes took much slower to migrate and get in to the skin gap under the scab resulting to the delay in healing of the wounds. Thus, it was determined by few more of these examples and experiments that determined that these facts were true.


However, there are some ways in which the wound healing process can be made faster in elders. Regular exercising can literally help quote significantly in getting these conditions better. So, it is advised to all the elderly people that they exercise in a way that it comfortable to them and they can then after a few months notice that their wounds would start to heal faster. The results can take a while to be noticed, but they do prove to be helpful in such cases.