What are the side effects that your entire body has to go through after you start taking cancer preventing drugs?

Every drug taken to treat cancer comes with a side effect. Now the question is what actually do we mean by side effects? Side effect is everything we do not want or do not ever expect to happen in our body. They come in the form of all the unwanted things and they are the direct result of the medical treatment you take to set yourself free from this life taking disease. It so happens many a times that people confuse the side effects of these medications with the symptoms of the disease. They need to understand that symptoms are the direct reaction of the disease i.e. cancer while the side effects are the direct result of the medication you take to get rid of that disease. But, these medications that you take for the treatment of cancer will help you to fight with this disease and you would see improvements in your symptoms.

Every Drug has its individual side effect!

It is not mandatory that every drug you take to relive your cancer would cause hair loss or sickness. The side effects depend on basically defer from person to person. The reaction of same drug on one person would be different while on the second person it would be entirely different. From one drug that you take, the maximum number of side effects would be three or four. No person can judge the reaction one particular drug will have on your body even before you start taking it. They can’t judge when the reaction of the medicine will start and when will it end. These factors will certainly depend on few points as of which drug you are having then how long has it been since you started taking it. After this how well do you keep up on regular days? Then the next thing that would be considered is the amount of drugs you are taking and in the way you have it that is in the form of a tablet or as an injection and last all the treatments that you are taking beside taking that drug.

The effects that the cancer drugs have on your blood cells and bone marrow!

Few of the drugs you take to prevent cancer can kill your blood cells when they divide and grow thus slowing down the procedure of making up of blood cells. These drugs may stop the production of white cells, red cells and platelets. White blood cells are those blood cells that start to diminish soon because they are least in number as compared to red blood cells and platelets. Further, when the productions of these cells stop their ratio starts to fall just within little number of days. There are few precautions that you can take that is consult your doctor immediately it the temperature of your body rises above 38o centigrade. Eat a healthy diet and try to keep your hands and body parts as clean as you can. Rest whenever you feel tiered and avoid getting yourself cut or injured in day to day activities.