Pregnancy to women is a very precious moment of life. You get the best things to eat, pampered a lot, move around anywhere, get the most of attention in your life during this phase. With all loads of love, you also put on some extra pounds which you as well overlook during this phase. But these extra few pounds start bothering you once you have delivered the baby. The 9 months of weight gain seems to be not very easy going off. Women are nowadays very cautious about their figure and about their health.

So just after delivering they tend to Get impatient how to lose weight and get again into those pre delivery dresses. But you need to also remember that you have to be patient in this respect. After pregnancy and post delivery, your body is not fit enough and strong enough to bear any kind of heavy strain. Forcing yourself to starve of perform heavy strenuous workouts may give you adverse results which would be harmful to you and the kid at the same time. Here are some natural and easy ways to help you keep fit and in shape with no side effects or harm.

  1. Breastfeeding: One most important part of motherhood is breastfeeding. This thing not only benefits the little newborn but it also has a number of good effects to the mother’s body. It is proved to be a natural way of keeping yourself fit and in shape after pregnancy. Breastfeeding is found to burn up to 500 calories of your fat after pregnancy without any kind of extra physical effort.
  2. Short Naps: Short naps are equally beneficial in keeping your body fit and in shape after delivery. Get a small nap whenever you feel to as your baby would be waking you in the night for wee and you may not get back to sleep and develop cravings for unhealthy foods which would again put on weights for you.
  3. Avoid dieting: Dieting or starving immediately after pregnancy may lead to harmful consequences for you and your baby. Proper food will produce enough breast milk for your baby and breastfeeding is itself very good for weight loss after delivery.
  4. Avoid over eating: After delivery you may be feeling hungrier. If you are feeling to be over eating it would be wiser to divide the food into two portions. Once you have finished the first portion then after 15 -20 minutes start having the next portion. You would find that you are not having the appetite to eat any more.
  5. Walking helps: A daily walk of around 30 minutes at a max can help you burn of almost 100 calories of fat. Accompany your walk with friends or your favorite music to have a enjoyable one.
  6. Drinking water: Drinking of full 2 glasses of water before breakfast helps you to break down your sweet cravings and help you lose weight faster and naturally.
  7. Healthy snacks: Eating of healthy snacks like dry fruits not only burn calories fast but also boost you up with more energy.