Every Indian has been undergoing the difficulty that demonitisation has brought the whole system into a stand still. Long queues are being witnessed outside banks as well as ATMs and people have facing a lot of problems due to the demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000. The decision of the Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi to cancel over 80 percent of the cash the previous week has been creating a lot of problems for the billions of citizens who are residing in the country.

People queued in large numbers outside banks and ATMs for getting their cash exchanged, deposited and to be withdrawn. The limit of cash to be withdrawn has been Rs 10,000 a day, Rs 20,000 a week and Rs 2000 from ATMs. The limit has been increased this 14th to Rs 24,000 too. But this will not solve the issues that the citizens of India are facing due to demonitisation.

Queues are formed outside the banks long before the banking hours begin. The ATMs do not have sufficient money stacked in as the demand for it has increased. Moreover, majority of them have been staying non-functional due to over-usage too. Indian citizens are wasting lot of their productive and quality time standing in these queues.  Early birds are able to withdraw the limited amount, while the others hope that their turn will come at least the next day or the days to come. Online payment is not a good solution for all; as people are not computer literate find it difficult to do so.

Even though demonitisation, as per Mr. Narendra Modi, will help in bringing up Black money and to pick out forged money from the economy, little does the common man know these complications. All they face today is total catastrophe and loss of precious time standing in queues for long hours.