Persuasive Ways to Keep Kids Away From Gadgets

It’s almost impossible to keep kids away from the virtual world created by various gadgets these days. Particularly in this multi-screen eon, it is not shocking that instructing kids how to disengage from various gadgets is a great problem faced by most parents.

According to Daily mail in 2013, 29% of kids start using tech gadgets as tots and eventually by primary school age, 70% master them totally.

Nevertheless, as technology is an inseparable part of our lives nowadays, it is not about the elimination of gadgets, but the controlled using of them. Rather than setting limitations on the extent of time permitted, the wiser approach is to see what your child absorbs and how he or she responds to it.

According to the author of Brainchild and parenting expert, Dr.Shen-Li Lee, it is all about knowing your child and what works for him or her.

If you’re exhausted and irritated of seeing your kid glued to gadgets then these following tips will definitely bring a change in your and your kid’s lives.

  1. Do Not Hurry To Punish

On realizing that the kids are overusing gadgets, most of the parents either seize those gadgets, or disapprove and scold them, rather than comprehending their kids’ perspectives. These often worsen the situation, leaving the kids feeling unfair.

Instead of doing this, parents should choose to talk and discuss calmly with their kids and make them understand how this is affecting their studies, social life and health. This is a wonderful way as it assists to convince the kids with reasonable explanations.

  1. Establish Time Limit

You will definitely not want to discover your children starring at the gadget screen at middle of the night! The best way is to set a time limit and make them understand that all things have their specific boundaries. This will assist them in concentrating on jobs as per their need and significance.

  1. Inspire the Hobbies and Interests of Your Kids

All children usually have different hobbies and interests. Some love drawing and painting, some love singing and dancing, while some love sports.

As parents, you should inspire your kids to take up the activities they love which will assist them in the distant future. This will not only distract their focus from gadgets but also will help them to realize and cultivate their potentials.

  1. Bring Around Traditions from The Past

Bring around activities from your childhood; teach your children how to make a collection of dried leaves; keep an aquarium at home and teach your kids about several fishes and their lives; build or buy a tent at the backyard, and encourage your children to enjoy camping.

All these activities will surely engross them and help them to limit the usage of gadgets.

  1. Go for Nature Walks

This is probably the best way to bond with your kids by walking together in the woods. Encourage your children to observe nature and listen to the calling of animals and birds or watching for things beneath the logs or looking at the star studded night sky. Nature can certainly teach them things, which they won’t feel by using gadgets, and this in turn will help them to get rid of their gadget addiction.

These tips will definitely help you to keep your children away from gadgets.