If you are a user of Facebook Messenger, who makes use of the app to receive and send money, you will certainly be happy to know that messenger is now supporting PayPal transactions too.

Free online gateway PayPal has deepened its association with the social media hulk, Facebook, and from now onwards will become one of the payment alternatives available in Messenger, amongst other integrations.Although, the provision is at present being outstretched to the people in the United States only, but a broader availability of this service globally is predictable in the near future.

So far, the Messenger only supported debit card payments, but at the moment, certain number of users in the United States can connect their Messenger accounts and PayPal. What’s more, as part of the agreement, PayPal declares that it will make it hassle-free to link your Facebook and Messenger account to your PayPal account, and it will provide a supporting feature for getting notifications in your Messenger account regarding PayPal transactions, without having to open and check any other app or website.

At this moment, prevailing users of PayPal who also use Messenger to communicate will enjoy a new alternative to hyperlink both their Messenger and PayPal accounts to enjoy hassle free payments.

Moreover, the repayments in Messenger are normally not being restricted to PayPal only – users can carry out transactions using their previously stored payment data in Facebook and Messenger within the bots, as another option. This makes transactions considerably easier for all those who need to carry on monetary transactions via PayPal and Facebook Messenger, and also enhances the Messenger’s feature to turn out to be more of a mobile commerce tool.

Over the recent years, PayPal has been making attempts to magnify more into the territory of the shoppers. Recently it hooked up with giants like MasterCard, Visa,Vodafone, Claro, Alibaba, and Telcel to broaden its reach and now Facebook Messenger isthe new addition to its eminent partner list.

Likewise, Facebook has also been trying hard to promote and boost its Messenger app into a big platform instead of portraying it to be just merely another app for messaging. As a consequence, Facebook Messenger has now become progressively more versatile, superior, and hugely popular; and they are continuously striving to keep their users involved and engaged by adding more and more options and attractive features.

This recent and significant partnership between PayPal and Facebook indicates that merchants will be capable to link more effortlessly with the active 192 million PayPal users all through the world and, as Facebook Messenger outsets promoting local payments, dealers can easily take PayPal payments directly within their internet bots.

Facebook is also supposed to be functioning with other significant players like Visa, MasterCard Stripe, and American Express to simplify monetary transactions on its platform.

This relationship between PayPal and Messenger is expected to assist in making mobile commerce simpler, smarter, smoother and safer and secured for both users and merchants.