In order to liberalize and ease out the process of issuing passport, the Ministry of External Affairs has announced some variations in the list. According to the sources, Government will soon activate the changes made in the previous list of rules and necessary passport issuing authorities in the country and abroad are informed in accordance with the order.

Here is the list of changes made:

  1. Now, submission of Date of birth certificate is not compulsory. Until now, the applicants who are born on or after January, 26, 1989 need to submit the copy of their birth certificate, but with the new variations, you can get your passport by submitting any of the below mentioned documents as your Date of birth proof.
  2. Birth certificate issued by the registrar of India or Municipal Corporation at the time of the child birth.
  3. Transfer certificate or school leaving certificate carrying the date of birth of the applicant.
  4. PAN card of the applicant
  5. Aadhar card of the applicant
  6. Copy of the service record of the Government employees.
  7. Driving license
  8. Voter ID card
  9. From now onwards, applicant can give the name of either of the parent (mother or father) name or legal guardian name in the form. Previously, it was compulsory to give the name of both.
  10. Single parents are allowed with the passport issuing facility for their children. At the request made by the applicant, passport will be issued by the authority without asking the name of either father or mother.
  11. Previously, passport rule book was loaded with 15 annexes which have been cut down to 9. Annexes titled with A, C, D, E, J and K have been removed from the list and others are merged into common ones.
  12. The applicant need to give certain specified annexes in the form of self-declaration form on a plain paper on which no further attestation is required to apply before any magistrate or notary official.
  13. Married applicants need not to give any marriage certificate as specified under Annexure K.
  14. Separated or divorcee applicants need not to specify the name of their spouse in the passport application form. Not even any divorce decree is required to get submitted.
  15. Children belonging to orphanage, who failed to provide their Date of birth proof can now apply for the passport on the basis of declaration made by their child care head or orphanage head on their official letterhead.
  16. Out of the wedlock born applicants, only Annexure G must be fulfilled while filling the passport application form.
  17. While applying passport for the domestic adopted applicant, submission made on the basis of adoption deed is not required now.
  18. Government servants who failed to obtain an NOC from their concerned employer can now give a self declaration statement stating the fact of informing the employer about the necessity of applying a passport.
  19. Sadhus or sanyasis can now use the name of their spiritual guru in the place of their biological parents along with documentation such as Voter ID card or PAN card, etc.

As per the sources, these changes will definitely benefit the Indian Citizens who are applying or about to apply for passport in near future.