THREE Mobile has confessed that their computer systems have been hacked by rogues for ordering and stealing hundreds of new handsets. With about nine million clients, several UK customers of the mobile giant are in jeopardy having been trapped in this gigantic data breach. According to Three, customers’private details, comprising names and addresses, had been acquired by the hackers by means of a login to its client database of individuals entitled for a mobile upgrade. Expensive new phones were then ordered by the hackers which were either seize don the way or they robbed the stores where they had sent. Until now, police has arrested three men, and Three has now confirmed that the accounts of 133,827 customers were accessed and they also said that the network would have communicated with you by now if you are one of the affected.

If you’re one of the unfortunate patrons of Three, take some consolation in knowing that the crooks could not access your bank details, pin numbers, passwords, debit/credit card info, or payment information. But your other information from your Three account such as email addresses and phone numbers are at risk, which can be used to cheat victims out of further information comprising money and other financial information.

Hackers could utilize this information to send false text messages and emails that appear genuine, termed as phishing attacks, to unsuspicious Three clienteles asking for credit card details. And if customers give their bank accounts details or disclose the information over the phone,certainly they could be at risk of scam.

The following steps would help you to provide possible protection from the hack, although it’s not guaranteed they will be fully effective in protecting you from the hack.

  1. Contact 333

The initial step is to get in touch with Three to see if your particulars have been stolen. The dedicated support team will be able to provide you information regarding the hack and also will be able to guide you for necessary steps.

  1. Don’t Response To Nuisance Calls

Many customers came to know about the hacking after taking in nuisance calls, therefore if you receive any in the following few weeks, be certain not to response them and not to give any of your personal details over the phone.

Even receiving nuisance calls verifies that your number is right, so attempt not to receive calls from any unidentified numbers till the matter is sorted out.

Also, be careful about phishing attacks that can come via text messages and email too.

  1. Don’t Give Your Bank Info

It is highly recommended not to give any kind of bank information to anybody over phone.In phishing attacks, e-mails might appear like being sent from your bank, but do not reply or click on any link attached to them.

  1. Three Is Working To Fix This

Three is reportedly working with the pertinent authorities and police regarding the hack, and they have taken particular measures to end the deceitful activity.

Three will get in touch with the affected customers as soon as possible. So, don’t panic, and stay cautious and wait to hear from Three.