Born on 13th September, 1933, Mahant Swami was born in a state of India named Madhya Pradesh. After few weeks of his birth the founder of BAPS named Brahma swarup Shastriji Maharaj arrived in the city of Jabalpur and named the boy Keshav. He completed his schooling from Jabalpur and later he went to Anand, his native town in Gujarat for his college and pursued further in college of agriculture. His journey from joining BAPS and later on being the head of it completely transformed his life, thoughts and spirituality. He grew closer to the upliftment of selfless tasks. He got lot of knowledge and skills after being a part of it and now he is the 6th spiritual guru of the Swaminarayan Sanstha.


Brief description about Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purshottam Swaminarayan

(BAPS) Sanstha.

The foundation of BAPS is particularly based on the Vedic scriptures.This organization was found on teachings and thoughts of practical spirituality. The wings of BAPS are spreading across the world, along with successfully addressing the spiritual, social and moral issues and challenges faced by people living in the world. The purpose and purity of the nature has always been preserved by BAPS since the time of their inception. Further they have gained the world wide acceptance because of its humanitarian services. They have more than three thousand and eight hundred centers all around the world which are held in high esteem. They had also taken the initiative to build eleven hundred temples around the globe. And at present is that the millions of Swaminarayan followers start their day with meditation and puja further living a honest and upright lives. The five lifetime vows that are taken by BAPS are No Addictions, No Alcohol, No Meat, No adultery and No Impurity of mind and body.


The mission and vision of Mahant Swami!

The prime mission of Mahant Swami is to develop good human beings. He genuinely believes that the entire process of developing good human beings initiates from education and so each and every person should be educated. The Swaminarayan schools tend to be of great help in this mission as in these schools there are three components of importance, academic curriculum and course being the third one. The first place in the list of three components is held by character building which is the process that possesses series of steps taking the assistance teaching spiritual values. The second sport is held by the sport activities that focus of fitness and activeness of children.

So, Bochasanwasi Shri Akshar Purshottam Swaminarayan (BAPS) Sanstha is one of the socio-spiritual Hindu organizations that have its roots dug deep in the early Vedas. There moto is to take care of the world by taking care of the individuals, families and societies.