Microsoft has announced its latest version of its Surface Book- Surface Book i7. This new version of Surface Book is all set to reach out to the customers with some of the most important features that it originally inherited from the previous Surface book and also certain improvisations too. The very important change that Microsoft has done for the new version is the upgraded battery life. As per Microsoft, the battery life of the new Surface Book i7 will be up to 16 hours.

Microsoft’s head of Windows hardware, Panos Panay displayed the first i7 laptop recently. He said that the very new version of Surface Book is all set to meet the needs of the users like better battery life and high frame rates exclusively for gaming enthusiasts.  Microsoft as usual, has read the minds of its users and is well aware of their needs to the core. Panay did not announce the spec information of the new laptop. But he did give the information that the laptop will be having two times the graphic performance than the original hybrid laptop with an extra 30 percent battery life, allowing it to stay on for a minimum of 16 hours on a single charge. The laptop is powered y Intel’s Skylake i7 processor.

Talking about the looks of the new Surface Book i7, we find it in the same look as the original Surface Book. There is a new thermal system that includes a second fan. Overheating can be reduced as a result of this second fan. Such changes are not visible to the eye or while using it, but the company is expecting to provide the users a better user-experience than before with a better device. The laptop has a 2-in-1 design of the earlier Surface Book that includes detachable Pixel Sense touch screen, compatible Surface Pen as well as a complete keyboard.

The newly added features are meant mainly for meeting the needs if the various users. It is expected that the laptop will be giving its users who are gamers or professionals, a better experience than before. The device will become more efficient with the coming of the Windows 10 update which will be releasing the next spring. The new Surface Book i7 can be preordered in November for a price of $2,399.