As alphabets are the stepping stones for a child’s entry into the world of letters, so is Microsoft Paint the first program that holds the hands of any beginner to enter the world of computers. This is the single program that has become popular right from the time Microsoft has taken its turn to steal the hearts of millions. The good news is that Microsoft is redesigning its Paint version compatible to Windows 10. The app will be loaded with tons of features that we could never even imagine.

The features of the very new Microsoft Paint version include drawing, painting as well as editing pictures with a bit more attractive and user friendly features. As per Microsoft, this will be a “completely redesigned app” which allows the users to make use of the Surface pen that will help them to draw directly on the screen. This will be a revolution, since it is the first time ever that such an app is being loaded with such advanced features.

This very version of Microsoft Paint will be including for the first time, a 3D integration apart from the usual features that are included in the app. 3D integration feature will allow the users to create 3D objects without much effort with the help of the Surface Pen or the mouse. This will be a great support for HoloLens virtual reality headset.

The new update comes with a wide range of Markers as well as Pens that can be made use of directly on the 3D object. It also includes 3D images, 3D models, stickers and a community tool pack. The app contains a set of 3D shapes which will help the user to draw and edit, thus helping them create variety of images with ease. Brushes in this app have unique features like providing spray effects to the 3D models, giving it a lively effect.

The Surface Pen which will help the user to draw on a free hand basis works well with Surface Book laptop and Surface Pro 4 Tablets. The regular features of Paint app like cropping and a brush varieties are present this app too. But it is an unfortunate thing to know that there is no feature that can edit the layers of a picture like in Photoshop.

Testing of the alpha versions of this app is currently in progress and it is expected to be released soon. As per the sources the launch date will be 26th of October this year.