Gamers have good news!! It is time for your idle living room to be turned into an exciting battle field filled with Real Robots. The launch of the augmented reality spider, MekaMon is all set to reach your homes. The launch of MekaMon on 17th of November shows that robots are not far away to entertain you.

App-driven robots have been created by the United Kingdom based company, The Bristol, which are able to battle in both the digital as well as the physical world. The blend of physical and digital games in toys that are real can make your world of gaming a much more entertaining.

MekaMon is a startup that is created by a 25 year old Nigerian immigrant to UK, Silas Adekunle. Adekunle migrated to the UK when he was 11 years of age and has taught himself robotics. The cofounders of MekaMon are Chief technology officer Chris Beck and Chief operating officer John Rees.

In an interview with GamesBeat, Adekunle said, “We want to entertain people, but also inspire and educate them. We are going direct to consumers first.” According to Adekunle, “Artificial intelligence is going to be a big market. Consumers are tired of the same old thing. This is something different, and something tangible you can touch.”

The MekaMon robots have gone through 27 iterations the past three years of its development. These robots can be purchased from at a rate of $330. The robot can be activated from the smartphone with the help of the MekaMon App that activates the smartphone screen into a dashboard for controlling as well as customizing the robots.

Single player games help the player to enter the AR world which helps them how to master the main controls for gaming with the spider robot. There are three degrees of freedom for each leg, which allows the robot to move in a very majestic manner. Adding shields, weapons and enabling creation of aggression and defense is also possible. MekaMon robots have one hour battery life on a single charge. It weighs around 2.2 pounds.