Alcohol consumption negatively affects the body and mind. How true is this statement?! There has been a group of researchers who have put forth the finding that individuals ( irrespective of gender ) who drank alcohol and wine and exercised were actually much happier than the teetotalers. Liver diseases and other such problems crop up only and only if the intake exceeds a certain level. In a corporate party or even a small family get together, it has become a part of the socializing that there needs to be alcohol or wine after a hearty meal. Not only does it improve the quality of social life, but it also adds on to the entertainment factor. If one can be under self-control, moderate and occasional alcohol consumption can release you from a lot of stress. It is shocking but it is a fact as well!


Drinking Alcohol Occasionally Has Advantages – Shocking But True


Alcohol has been responsible for many deaths in the country. The question which needs to be thought about logically is whether drinking alcohol is really that bad or is it just a matter of choice about the quantity that needs to be consumed and the quality of life which one wants to enjoy. Often it has been seen by researches that consuming moderate amounts of alcohol actually is better for the long run. In fact people who consume alcohol have been found to enjoy a longer lifespan than those who do not consume alcohol at all.  The reason being that these people are at a peace of mind which the ones who are teetotalers do not enjoy! Going by the facts concluded after study by the University of Texas, recovering alcoholics died younger than those who drank alcohol regardless of their lifestyles. Though the reason might not be crystal clear, it is somewhat evident that a positive and strong outlook towards life including alcohol consumption is needed than just eradicating out the possibility of indulging at all.


Moderate Drinking Is Preferred Over Not Consuming Alcohol At All




Moderate drinking is not bad. It all depends on the individual’s inner urge to control the drinking habits which shall determine whether his drinking is right or not. While there are individuals too who actually drink heavily and tout the advantages of having wine simply because they like to indulge in it. The advantages should never be a justification for the heavy drinking as is the case with the alcoholics. Rather, moderation is the key here just like in any other case. Frankly,  not drinking at all does not make anyone a saint! In fact, the mortality rate is much higher in people who do not consume alcohol at all than the ones who drink occasionally. It is required that the alcohol consumption be done in the right amounts so that it does not lead to unhealthy habits regularly and unnecessarily. Follow it and see the wonders for yourself!!