Are you a foodie? Not that this article is only for foodies but then if you are then what I am about to say would make more sense to your than the other audience. A foodie has a great knowledge about all the ingredients in the food they eat and also they are well versed with how much quantity of each ingredient is important. Extra or less of any of an ingredient can hamper the grace of that dish. One of the most common and beautiful ingredient of all is garlic. With its authenticity it gives a graceful and magnificent touch to any dish it has been added to. But, the amazing thing is that garlic not only tastes well but, it is also responsible to cure and prevent many diseases. It has incredible medicinal properties and health benefits and this is the reason why it can be used as one of the folk medicines against many diseases. Also, garlic can reinforce your immune system and protect your heart.  It has lots of benefits and we would talk about them below!


  • Garlic purifies your blood: Waking up with a pimple on your face one morning or covering the marks on your face with makeup need to be resolved because things can’t be continued this way. The root cause of this problem is impure blood. So, in taking two raw garlic cloves on regular basis with a glass of lukewarm water would help you purify your blood so that you don’t need to hide those scars anymore.
  • Reduce some kilos: Garlic is an amazing ingredient that can help one to lose weight. Garlic comprises of sulphur which adds to its antibiotic properties. There are two ways in which you can in take garlic to reduce weight one is that you can add one table spoon of lemon juice to a glass of lukewarm water and take two cloves of garlic every day until you are satisfied with the results or you can also take three table spoon of raw garlic juice for faster results.
  • Prevention from heart diseases: When one has a regular intake of garlic can lower your cholesterol level. Cholesterol is the root cause of heart diseases and thus, decrease in its level can lower the chances of heart diseases.