With the recent move in the currency change, Modi Government has brought a real bang after this Diwali. It was an absolute superb step by the current government to free the country from different ailments that have been plaguing the nation from ages. It is a corrective step towards number of wrong decisions. This step by the government has been appreciated by different sectors as well cursed by many. This step will be absolute bang on corruption and black money holders which are the most important diseases rooted in the nation. Global corruption ranking of India is high in the world as it is one of the highest growing economies in the world. This step of currency renovation is also designed to check the terrorism across the borders which is funded by the fake currency and illegal funds that has been proved time and again.

The government has also introduced two new notes one of 500 rupee and another 2000 rupee for the check of various ailments and support the financial issues of the farmers in our country. This is a very positive step mainly towards checking of the terrorism and other illegal practices in the country. Intelligence agencies are assertive in the fact that these 500 rupee and 2000 rupee notes would be efficient enough with several security features that could be next to impossible for replicating by Pakistan and other criminal organizations in the near future. As reported by one of the top government officials, external intelligence agencies like Research and Analysis Wing, Intelligence Bureau and DRI have already examined the features present in the notes and found it to be next to impossible for Pakistan or anybody else to copy them and produce fake notes. The official without revealing the number of features present in these notes being printed since the last 6 months but said that it would be impossible to duplicate.

There had been prior information with the government and the RBI from intelligence agencies that a dedicated mint in Peshawar in Pakistan does the work of printing fake Indian currencies especially 500 and 1000 rupee notes. It was also reported that Intelligence agency of Pakistan ISI has been pushing these fake currencies into India with the help of clients like Dawood Ibrahim, LeT and many more. Pakistan has been always trying one or other ways to continue terror disturbances in India. It is also reported that an estimate of 70 crores of Fake Indian Currency Notes are being pushed to India every year by Pakistan to fund and support terror attacks and initiate disturbances. It was also found in earlier reports that Pakistan government has been acquiring more paper and ink than it was required to print Pakistani notes, which also proved their involvement in fake currency printing.

With the diminishing value of these high value notes in the world market and lastly with the banning of the notes and introduction of new secured notes, Pakistan would think not twice but several times before attempting to forge the Indian currencies.