Not just one or two but feeding your child homemade baby food comes with n number of benefits. Baby food will not only be rich in proteins, vitamins, nutrition and mineral which are important for a growing child for a healthy growth. Further, the taste of homemade baby food is far more better than the one available in the market because we can adjust the amount or quantity of ingredients put in it according to our taste and preferences. Here are few benefits of making good for your baby at home.

Have a control over quality: just as I said above, if you are making a fresh baby food for your baby at your home, you can adjust the amount of ingredients according to your baby’s taste and preferences. You are free to decide what to include in recipe and what to exclude from it because more than the company producing a baby food a mother know what her baby wants and what will be good for her. You will be relaxed to know that the food your baby is eating is free of additives and is fresh and healthy. Further, if there is some ingredient that your baby is allergic with then making homemade baby food would be the best solution.


Build up his/ her healthy eating habits: A habit is only generated/adopted when something is seen and done repeatedly. So, if your child will intake healthy and fresh food, his habit of eating healthy would be generated but, if he/ she doesn’t then from very young age they will start eating junk and ruin their health. Raising your baby in a way that they prefer; the taste of real and whole foods over the processed food. And is also one way with which you can have control over the weight of your child preventing him/ her from being obese.


Yummy and healthy baby food recipe that you can easily make at home !

Here is a very healthy baby food recipe that can help you keep your child fit and healthy.

The Ingredients that you will need includes:

 1 cup Ragi,

1 cup Bajra,

1 cup Wheat,

1 cup Orange Corn,

1 cup White Corn,

1 cup Red/ Brown rice,

1 cup Green Gram,

 1 cup Channa dal,

1 cup Urad dal,

 1 cup Fried Gram

 ½ cup Almond,

½ cup Pistachio,

 ½ cup Cashew,

½ cup Peanut and 2 pods Cardamom.

Once you assemble all these ingredients at a single place the recipe won’t take much of your time because it is so easy and convenient.

Recipe: The first thing you need to do is

  • Soak all the ingredients separately overnight so that they can sprout. These include Ragi, Bajra, Green Gram Chana Dal, Urad Dal, Wheat, and both Corns. It is not necessarily important to soak the dry fruits that are Cashew, Almonds, Peanuts and Pistachio. After they are sprouted the next morning you can keep the soaked ingredients under the fan.
  • After this, you need to one by one light roast all the ingredients. But, you need to stay vigilant in the process so that you don’t over roast them or burn them
  • . Once they are roasted, you can mix all the ingredients adding cardamom to it.
  • Power it with little warmth
  • Once you are done , the baby food is ready, you can store it in an air tight container and use as per your requirements.

You can serve the home made baby food along with milk or water ,Can add sugar , raisins puree or dates syrup to give natural sweetness so that the baby can enjoy the healthy food.