Mental disorders these days have been a really big stress among the youth. Now the problems are being unsolved but there would have been an increased susceptibility for the issues coming up with the youngsters like the anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and also obsessive-compulsive disorder to which the symptoms are shown later.

Now anything that talks about the mental disorder has everything to do with the order of the heart rate now the question arises how? It is likely to see the reaction of a person when they are in a panic situation or something unpleasant arrives suddenly like an accident which they would have ducted but then for moment the mind and the heart rate tends to increase and so does the pressure of the blood this makes them unstable and mind abnormal which is why we see some strange faces and reactions of the person. Also the Heart rate of the human body and the blood pressure of the body are also regulated by the nervous system of the human body and also control the basic functions of the body.

High resting heart rate tends to be the symptom of many mental disorders and late mental disorders these days. Also the disorders are likely to see that the men with a High resting heart rate of 82 beats per minute and there are also chances that you may see 69% of people who will certainly deal with obsessive and compulsive disorder to men who are having a resting heart rate of 62 bpm. Also in the past few years we can see that the risk for the schizophrenia has been increased by 21% and also for the anxiety disorders it has been increased by 18%.



There are certain factors on which the mental disorder assists to like the

  • BMI ,
  • socioeconomic status,
  • ethnic background,
  • cognitive ability and
  • Physical fitness which is measured through an exercise test.

But we cannot actually say if all these are actually the correlation for the psychiatric disorders and the heart rate or the blood pressure.

Taking care of the mental body is as necessary as taking care if the physical strength of the body. It is very rightly said that the physical strength of the body is only dependent on the mental strength. Take for example that whenever you work out or do some excess of physical work or running the heart rate tend to increase with a certain rate.

Therefore this will lead to an increase in the blood pressure of the body however this is just a temporary out run but same activities carried out every time in the body with the abnormal functioning can really harm you.


Also the differences in the physiological responses of the body of human like stress reactions and the anxiety disorder are directly linked to the risk of the mental disorders. These metal disorders caused are also known as the psychiatric illnesses which are actually associated with the increase of many of the cardiovascular diseases.