Now it is evident and proved by several studies that a diet based on protein rich foods and mainly meat protein is the main cause of heart failure in women more than 50 years of age. A diet rich in plant protein is not as harmful as a meat rich diet. Researchers in the annual scientific conference of the American Heart Association presented a study which says that post menstrual women are risk prone on the intake of high meat rich diet in comparison to women taking vegetable protein rich diet.

The researchers in order to evaluate the results of their assumption, they examined the self reported diet of 103,878 women of the age range of 50-79 between the period of 1993-1998. During the course of their study, almost 1711 women in total developed heart problems. It was also noticed that more women with regular meat meals were mostly attached by heart failures than those women who took their protein intake from vegetables or those who took less proteins in their daily diet overall. Though not significant when adjusted with body mass, but it was noticed that diet containing more of vegetable proteins caused less heart failure in the same criteria of women.

A diet having higher caliber with complete dietary protein intake appears to be linked with considerable increase in heart failures than that in vegetable protein diet that actually proves to be protective as a whole as said by Mohammad Firas Barbour, M.D., study author and internist at the Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island, in Pawtucket. They also look forward for additional studies to get more firm conclusions about this association between the higher meat intake and increased rate of heart failure in aged women.

The subjects were all active participants in the Women’s Health Initiative and the studies were conducted irrespective of race or ethnicity, education level, and presence of other heart diseases like Coronary artery diseases, anemia, atrial fibrillation and alike. Researchers have also mentioned that links are also found between increased intakes of meat protein and cardio vascular troubles in women. Though the findings need to be interpreted with more carefully, as per Barbour, it shows that following a regular diet rich in meat protein increases the risk of heart failure and other cardio vascular diseases in women who are at their post menstrual age.

The study found associations between higher intake of protein rich diet and that too meat in it and increased risk of heart failures. This was conducted based on self reported diet, which was likely to be false in cases. But to be surer, researchers also used special types of bio marker data to accurately measure the daily intake of protein with doubly labelled water and urinary nitrogen as well. They did so just because doubly labelled water makes use of non-radioactive tracers to measure a person’s metabolic energy & urinary nitrogen helps to understand the actual level of dietary protein in a human being.