Inflammation– The process where the white blood cells in our body along with substances they tend to produce protect our body from infection that is caused by foreign organisms like bacteria and viruses. If you are confused about whether you are a victim of inflammation then certain symptoms like joint pain, redness around joints, swollen joints, loss of function in joints or joint stiffness. Also some other minor symptoms like chills, loss of energy, fever, headaches, muscle stiffness and loss of appetite. So, if you have visibly observed these symptoms in your body then this article is just for you.


Arthritis (both osteo and rheumatoid)
Heart Disease/Vascular disease
Autoimmune disease
Crohn’s, IBS, Ulcerative colitis
High cholesterol (specifically LDL over 140)
Multiple Sclerosis





We would talk about all the herbs that can help reduce inflammation!


  • Turmeric: The element in turmeric that plays a major role in anti-inflammatory process is the yellow color pigment known as curcumin. From years now Chinese and ayurvedic treatments have been using turmeric in their medicines to treat all the digestive disorders and heal the inflammation. Also, it can also combat cancer by acting as an antioxidant.


  • Green tea: The scientifically proven benefits of green tea say that it possesses preventive effects against cancer and cardiovascular diseases. But, the recent studies that were conducted state that green tea is also an anti inflammatory herb or drink and it helps get rid of inflammation. By drinking 3-4 cups daily on regular basis can prevent an individual from inflammatory problems.

  • Ginger: This herb is quite well known for its ability to treat morning sickness and nausea that occurs normally or post the chemotherapy session. Ginger inhibits the activation of certain genes that are involved in an inflammatory response. Ginger can be used to reduce heart disease and the osteoarthritic pain. Also, because it is in the list of anti inflammatory herbs, it can reduce the effects of inflammation.

  • Garlic: With the alluring aroma and magnificent taste, garlic is also one of those herbs that provide medical benefits to our body. Intake of garlic has n number of benefits such as lower cholesterol, prevention from heart disease, lower belly fat, prevent blood pressure and it is also one of the anti inflammatory herb. And so this herb has been treasured for ages because of its unique taste and all the benefits it provides for the upkeep of our health and body.


So, these were few herbs that can help an individual to prevent from inflammation.