None of the smoking type is good for health. Smoking tobacco is very harmful for our health. Replacing smoking cigarettes with hookah, pipe or cigar won’t help at all. Because any type of smoke intake is injurious to your health. According to one of the health associations, one cigarette contains on and about six hundred ingredients and when you light it up more than seven thousand chemicals are produced and all of them being injurious to health. Among them approximately seventy of the chemicals cause cancer in our bodies. Further, replacing cigarette with hookah or cigar or pipe won’t be of any help either because they also contain same harmful ingredients as a cigarette. You intake more smoke in case of a hookah than in cigarette. Also, hookah exposes you to more CO2 than any of the cigarettes. This article will talk about the damages that smoking does to different parts of your body.


Respiratory System


The smoke that you intake is very harmful for your lungs and can severely damage them. When the intake of smoke becomes consistent and continuous, the ability of lungs to filter chemicals, that are harmful for health, degrades and gradually comes to an end. These toxins get trapped in lungs when coughing can’t clear them out. People who smoke are more prone to get infected with flu, cold and cough. Diseases like Emphysema where the air sacs of the lungs are destroyed, chronic bronchitis where the tubes of one’s lungs gets inflamed and at last the person comes under the list of long-term smokers, and then he is at a high risk of getting affected by cancer. Also, the children whose parents smoke are more prone to wheezing, coughing and asthma attacks. Not just this, the rate of kids of smokers who are infected with pneumonia and bronchitis are higher than the kids whose parents don’t smoke.

Cardiovascular System


After your respiratory system, your entire cardiovascular system gets damaged. When the nicotine present in your cigarette enters your body the blood sugar gets a sudden boost. And in very few days you are left feeling tired and then crave more of it. Nicotine is one of those harmful chemicals that restrict the blood flow because of the tightening of blood vessels. Your blood pressure gets a boost and our cholesterol level falls down. And the risk of formation of blood clots increases thus, the chances of getting blood cancer also increase.

Central Nervous System


Nicotine is a very harmful ingredient as it has a harmful effect on not just on our cardiovascular system but also our nervous system. It is a mood-altering drug that can reach our brain in mere seconds. Initially as it comes in contact with your brain, you will feel more energized because it works as a stimulant for our central nervous system. But, after some time you will tend to feel tired and crave more of it because nicotine is a habit forming ingredient in cigarettes. Smoking can also lead to weakening of our senses and increase the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.

So, quit smoking today for your as well as your children’s healthy future!