Ever wondered why you get friend zoned by every guy you encounter? Maybe you are a perfect combination of beauty and brains but there is something in your personality which makes the whole thing unattractive. I would like to share some of those personality traits which may be a hindrance to your progress as a  girlfriend.


Be more chilled,a little laid back.No guy would like to be with a girl who is always into serious conversations regarding future.Guys like the happy go lucky types of girls with whom they can laugh out loud.He would always prefer a girl who is less serious and wishes to enjoy the present.Maybe you don’t agree with this, but trust me, we all want to be with something who can make us feel happy .Basically, LIVE IN THE MOMENT. So girl, just add a tinge of humour in your personality.

  1. BE WITTY:

Guys prefer girls who have the guts to speak their mind out. A girl who can make her own independent decisions and isn’t dependent on anyone .Hence ,decisiveness is always an appreciable trait in a girl .If you can simply put forth your opinions in a witty manner and engage in clever conversations with guys around you, then you will be attractive to any guy.


This one is interesting.If you see yourself as a damsel in distress who is waiting for the prince charming to rescue you, then girl  , your fairy tale is going to be very different from reality. You have to stick to the ground reality that no guy is going to fulfill all your demands and needs. You will have to adjust and compromise according to each other’s needs and wants. You cant just be unjust in your demands when it comes to real life.


You are just not interested in casual dating. All you want is sincerity and commitment in a relationship. Now, not every guy is willing to do that.Sometimes all guys want is a bit of fun and happy moments with you. Thats it. Hence, your yearning for Mr Perfect is ruining your present prospects of dating.


Above all, guys like girls who are genuine and don’t fake things around. Just be yourself in front of the guy you have a crush on. Trust me, there is nothing more attractive than being honest and real. Dont we also want to be with people who are extremely truthful to us about their lives? Hence, this becomes the most important trait of your personality to win a guys heart.


Guys usually prefer girls who have a positive outlook towards life. They look for someone who can motivate them, inspire them and can add value to their life. Hence  , being a pessimist reduces the prospects of your chances of being liked by the guy who want to hook up with. Just think, would you like to be with someone who doesn’t seem to be hopeful about life?I am sure ,you wont. You just got to have the charm able to make the atmosphere around you lively and playful. It will be an add on to your relationships and will undoubtedly make you stand out in the crowd.


So, you met this guy in a party and you feel you have fallen for him. You guys exchange numbers and share a few polite words. What should be your next step? Usually girls start showing that they are interested from the day they meet him. You have to make him chase you. Trust me   ,guys like to chase girls who are a bit of mystery and not easily within their reach. On the other hand, if you become too desperate and dependable on him , he will surely run away.

Hence in a nutshell, I can simply say that if you follow these exquisite tips, the right guy will be following you very soon.