Google has always been keen in giving its users the best, whether it is a search engine or a phone. The trending topic this week is the unveiling of Google’s two new phones, Pixel and Pixel XL, which are the predecessors of the company’s smart phone series Nexus. The search giant has dropped out the name Nexus and has started the Pixel series to excite its users to the core. The name Pixel has been used by Google for its products like laptops and premium tablet.

According to Google, this is “the first phone built by Google inside and out.” Google is now in control of both the hardware as well as the software. The Pixel phones are loaded with Android version 7, Nougat. In countries like UK, US, Canada, Germany and Australia, pre orders for the phone has started right from the 4th of October this year and the shipment of the booked phones will be on the 20th of October when these phones are officially out in stores.

Both the models have quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processors. The two cores run at 2.15GHz. Battery efficacy of the phones is 1.6GHz. The Qualcomm Hexagon technology makes the image processing and audio processing go with ease. Pixel phones have OLED screens that give a perfect quality to the display. They are available in 4GB memory space with an extra storage space of either 32 GB or 128 GB.

Available in three shades, the colors named for the Pixel phones sound really chic and unique like “Very Silver,” “Really Blue” and “Quite Black.” The backside of the phone is two toned and has a glassy shade. For the front display glass, the phone is equipped with scratch proof Gorilla Glass 4. The phone looks solid like the metal contemporaries, but is very light in weight and easy to hold.

Pixel phones become unique as it is loaded with lot many features that we do not find in other Android smart phones. One such feature is the Google Assistant, a new version of Google’s system of conversation for the purpose of controlling the phone as well as to answer questions. Pixel XL is 2.98 inches wide and 6.09 inches tall, while on the other hand, the Pixel is 2.73 inches wide and 5.66 inches tall.

The main Camera that is equipped in the Pixel phones is 12 megapixels, which is very much faster than the Nexus model released previous year. The front facing camera in the Pixel has a sensor with 8 megapixel. Takings pictures is easy with front or back cameras, as one simply has to swirl the phone back or forth for switching from one camera to another. The inbuilt batteries work for longer hours even while browsing or watching videos. The battery life of Pixel is around 13 hours, while that of Pixel XL is around 14 hours.