Smartphones have changed the concept of taking photographs for the past few years. Every Smartphone company has equipped loads of features for the cameras in their respective phones that today; taking pictures has become a routine that has become quite easy for anyone. There is a big competition among the Smartphone companies on who will be providing the best cameras in their phones, and most of them have succeeded in doing what they have been aiming for. Unfortunately, Google has not been able to make a mark in this competition all these years, as Nexus devices were not so superior in camera specs or picture quality.

Now as the Nexus series is no more and Google has started the Pixel series, it has announced that DXOMark, that rates the Smartphone as well as DSLR camera quality, has given Pixel a high score of 89. This score can be considered as the highest score ever given to a Smartphone. As per Brian Rakowski, the Vice President of Google’s Product Management, the camera can be termed as the “Best in Class.” He further goes on to say that “This isn’t only the best camera we’ve ever made, it’s the best Smartphone camera anyone has ever made.”

All these years, Apple and Samsung have been successful in providing the best Smartphone cameras for their users. With the coming of Samsung’s Galaxy S7, Apple had to move out from the first position for the very first time. But now Google has taken a good lead in the competition of Smartphone cameras and has come up with flying colors. The picture quality of the rear facing camera is extremely superb considered to that of iPhone 7 and Galaxy S7.

With direct light, the Pixel tends to bring in more details than Galaxy S7 Edge or iPhone 7. Shadows are not handled with excellence in Pixel. The quality of the picture taken will be so good that there will be no thoughts of editing it before sharing. A crisp image is obtained, when compared to iPhone 7 and S7 edge. Ultimately we get the clear idea that Google has worked well to give its users a better camera that they had ever experienced. This is a big stepping stone to Google, as it has done a great job in climbing up to the top position as one of the best Smartphone manufacturers of the world.