What is the aim of technology? According to my perspective, technology is a way of making our lives simpler yet functional. It should help in increasing the efficiency of our work. Technology giants around the world are developing exceptional products and services for users around the world. Today, we talk about Apple Siri- voice recognition software. Apple Siri is an intelligent software used to take commands by humans in natural spoken language. Then, it answers their queries or perform the tasks.

With the advent of Siri, artificial intelligence has been taken to the whole new level. What lies in the near future? Let us analyze the developments taking place at Apple’s abode in Cupertino, California, USA.

Apple Siri in AI race

Siri has been answering queries like weather forecasting. If you are planning a trip, you should definitely check out the weather condition for the expected period of visit. You are into sports and you wish to inquire about latest happenings, you can ask Siri about it. If you want to send text messages, just use Siri. Basically, Siri is more than a software. Its a tool with which you can manage your day to day happenings.

You can accomplish your task without any delay. For this, you don’t have to rely on typing and visualization for your tasks. You tend to make mistakes when your are typing. With Siri, the probability error is reduced to the minimum. You just have to voice your opinion and wait for Siri to comprehend your commands.

Once I came across a post on iMore by Steven Aquino, where he discussed about the possibility of developing Siri for the disabled persons. For example, if a person stutters, Siri should be able to decipher the words.


HomeKit is an amazing application with which you can control the operations of your home appliances. You can switch ON the lights and fans, television, etc. You can control all this by just commanding Siri to do so. Now, you  don’t have to leave your work midway and attend the door call. HomeKit application is available with iOS 10. It is immensely beneficial for people who struggles with disabilities.


With SiriKit, Apple has extended the services under Siri’s hood. Compatible with iOS 10, SiriKit enables you to manage most of the applications on your phone. You wish to travel and you want to book a ride, you can do so by giving voice commands to Siri. Siri will book the ride for you on MyRideApp.

Search your favorite photos on MyPhotosApp with simple voice over commands for Siri. You can also make payments for your bills and shoppings, make reservations using MyPayApp. So now, Siri is acting as your finance manager as well.


Everyday, Apple is working on upgrading its voice recognition tool, Siri. Apple Siri is facing stiff competition from Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Now and Amazon Alexa. It will be interesting to see what does the future holds for Apple Siri’s artificial intelligence.