Is your child constantly being emotion, throwing tantrums and being inactive? If so then your child might be dealing with sleep deprivation. From infant to grown up, everyone needs to have a proper amount of sleep because it benefits us not only physically but, mentally and emotionally too. There are many benefits of sleeping well and this article will talk about all the reasons why sleep is important and all the side effects sleep deprivation will have on your child.


Importance of Sleep

  • Proper amount of sleep will promote growth. There might be days or mornings when you suddenly realize that your child grew in the past few days and you must be right. The total amount of time that your child will sleep should comprise of more than 50% deep sleep because it promotes the development of growth hormone.


  • Sleep is good for the heart as it safeguard your kids from vascular damage caused due to circulation of damaging cholesterol and stress hormones.


  • Your body weight is highly affected by the amount of sleep that you take. Your child would start to get overweight if he/ she is being deprived of sleep. When we eat our body produces one hormone which works as a signal for our body to stop eating. But, lack of proper sleep can’t enable to produce enough of such hormones causing your child to eat more.


  • While the children sleep, their body produce a proteins named as cytokines which help our body to fight against all the germs and infections. People who sleep less are likely to get infected with germs causing cold than the people who have a sufficient amount of sleep.


Side effects of sleep deprivation!


  • Lack of sleep would make your children overly emotional. They would start to cry on very small-small things. They would be easily hurt, throw lot of temper tantrums and project lack of patience.


  • When you will try to wake them up in morning for school they would not wake up easily and face a lot of difficulty in doing so.


  • While they sit for playing or studying or doing anything that require concentration, they would fail terribly. Lack of sleep makes it difficult to concentrate.


  • They can possibly take a nap anywhere they can. And the duration of these naps would be quite long. This is not good for a child as they can get sprains at different parts of the body.


  • Lack of proper sleep can make your children behave in a very dull and in an uninterested way. They would tend to get tired very soon and would reduce their participation in activities that are important to keep them active.


  • When your child is sleep deprived he would talk more than usual. You must not be surprised if bundle of questions are thrown at you by them.


  • Due to lack of concentration and tiredness your child would act clumsier and would be prone to getting injured.


  • The child who does not get the proper amount of sleep would also tend to eat more which can lead to over eating and then possibly obesity.