The all new intelligent Google Assistant is the latest conversational virtual assistant that has come up in the light this week. With the arrival of Pixel phones from Google, this new feature that is exclusive only for Pixel series devices Pixel and Pixel XL, is a better one compared to Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. Ask anything and you will get a result in the form of a conversation. The program understands the words spoken to it and result will come up in a female voice.

Since Google Assistant is available on Pixel series, anyone owning a phone that runs on Android Marshmallow or a higher version will be able to get Google Assistant. Google Assistant can be very useful as it gives the user an idea of the weather of the local area, duties that are in the calendar for the day and the status of traffic on the route you travel. Users can ask questions related to anything and get answers from the Assistant. One can enquire about the restaurants in a particular place, the best dishes they serve or the movies playing in the theatre in the neighborhood and more.

It is a surprising fact that Google Assistant can become your piece of cake if you are able to fine  tune the file named build.prop on your phone. This file contains a lot many information about one’s phone. Making a few changes in build.prop can give you better results without much risks.

Google Assistant is literally an upgraded version of Google Now and also of Google “OK Google” voice controls. It can be seen that the US and the UK at present offer different services for Google Assistant. At present the UK version does not provide the full set of news services that are available in the US.

The Redmond Pie has put up a guide for the purpose of installing Google Assistant in any device that is compatible to it. For installing Google Assitant, one needs to root the phone. Follow the steps for the same:

Step 1. Get a recent version of the Google Assistant on your phone (previous version

Step 2. Root the Android 7.0 device. Unfortunately most of the Android users will not be able to use it as most of the Android devices have not been yet upgraded to Nougat.

Step 3. After the phone has been rooted, reach out to the “build.prop” file, that is inside the “System” folder. Changes have to be done with the help of an app:

ro.product.model=Pixel XL


Step 4. The file has to be saved. Now exit and get the device rebooted.

Step 5. As the phone begins to back up, reach out to Settings. Now clear the Cache and Data for the Google app.

After following these steps, one will be able to long press the Home button for using the Google Assistant.