Cancer is a disease that is really difficult to deal with. But there have been various solutions and cures that help to treat the virus. Also the age old concept going on relating to the cancer stuff saying that the cancer seems to be common among the males rather than then females.

Though however people have not been aware about the fact that why does the males suffer more than females. Let’s scroll down the article to know more about it. The Females seems to have an extra copy of the protective genes present in the cells that gives an additional protection to the cells and helps to create a defense in the cells to stop the growth. It is not always that cancer cells are to be found more in the males. The protective genes in the cells of the woman make them a bit stronger and immune towards the cancer. It is very much seen and observed that the person especially the males are the one suffering with the cancer and one of the reasons have been mentioned earlier.  The percentage or the ratio is not much but only 2 or 3 percent of the males is higher than the woman.

How to detect about the cancer?

It is necessary that if the person has a bit of hint about the pain then they must go to the diagnosis. A proper diagnosis is really must for the cancer patients as they can easily detect the cancer at the first stage. The last stage of the cancer seems really difficult to be dealt therefore people generally avoid to have any risk of the higher stages.

If you go through any pain in the body and it is not cured properly then remember to follow the advice of the doctors and go for regular check up so that you can easily have an idea about what the stage of cancer you are having or what other problems has been diagnosed.

Coming up to the old question why does the men are likely to have more chances of suffering with cancer. The cause is that more number of men is suffering from cancer because they are likely to smoke cigarettes and they are exposed to many different kinds of hazardous chemicals even sometimes in their working environment too.

This logic given might have been proven not appropriate but however these reasons become adequate as the smoking rates are quite higher and even the men have dropped it. The occupation of the men is more prone towards the area that is hazardous and men are likely to be more towards alcohol and other drugs. Therefore, all these consumption of drugs lead to the different types of cancer! Like the tobacco users are suffer to have cancer in the following

  • kidney,
  • renal,
  • bladder, and
  • Mouth,

So if you want to protect yourself from such disease then do not forget to have a regular diagnosis.